Episode #2. Content Strategy with Kathryn Aragon

Talking Business Growth with Belkins
Season 1
Nov 08, 2019
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The guest of the day is Kathryn Aragon.

Head of Content for SalesHacker. 

Having worked as the Managing Editor at Crazy Egg and the Chief Educator at Ahrefs, Kathryn uses her expertise to boost fast-growing IT start-ups.  With her ability to find the balance between bright and easily readable professional content and SEO, Kathryn specializes in the articles aimed at educating users and improving their professional skills. 



Sales Hacker, The Leading Community For Modern Sales Professionals


What will you learn?

  • Content distribution model from SalesHacker
  • How to optimize content for different generations
  • The balance between SEO and people language
  • How to analyze the content quality and its performance

Kathryn’s tools:


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