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Season 2
S2E9: What does it take to be the best in the SDR game?

Michael’s guest today is Blake Grundell, Sales Development Representative - Team Leader at Hyperproof. Now, Blake runs a team of SDRs within Hyperproof but spending years as an SDR himself, today he shares some of the best practices and knowledge he gained over the years.

Season 2
S2E8: What's it like to service 400 million users every day?

In this episode, John talks about his experience building and servicing over 400 million users every single day. He and Michael discuss tawk’s approach to acquiring leads, servicing clients, building tech, and hiring people.

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What’s In Your Tech Stack? 13 Types of Sales Tools Working in 2022
A robust CRM is just one of the building blocks of your sales technology toolset. As B2B sales get more complex, sales organizations want to automate their marketing and sales and have ABM solutions, analytics and reporting tools, sales acceleration, and gamification software. Read on to learn how to identify what will work best for you.
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