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Lease a Sales Rep

Lease a Sales Rep is a potent and reliable supplier of qualified leads helping B2B businesses reach their sales targets faster. The company’s experts schedule appointments with decision-makers and ensure meaningful conversations. Operating in the software, technology, and healthcare fields, Lease a Sales Rep provides quality services to small businesses and large enterprises.


Lempod is a famous LinkedIn engagement marketplace where content creators can interact with comments and likes. Users may join relevant engagement pods and identify groups of people who wish to help them promote their content using the tool. It is possible to search for the finest pods for your industry by filtering pods by location. Users may choose which pods they wish to share and which comments others can write on their posts using the platform. In other words, you can make great use of LinkedIn hiring strategies by allowing 10x more prospects to access job postings. Lempod will help you become an influencer so that you can generate helpful and entertaining content for your LinkedIn connections. Moreover, you can also look for other users who post similar content and, thus, are targeting similar prospects. By doing so, you will enrich your content strategy with valuable ideas and even surpass the competition by offering unique and helpful solutions.


Mabbly is a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in branding, digital strategy, and web design. The agency was founded in 2013 and is located in Chicago, IL. Being in the industry for less than 10 years, Mabbly can’t be called one of the old-timers. Yet, despite its fairly young age, it has already earned recognition, popularity, and a certain reputation among customers. One of the biggest highlights of this marketing agency Chicago is its passion for an innovative and technology-driven approach to marketing and design. The team of Mabbly blends its vast expertise with data analytics, careful market research, and top-class digital technology to provide strategic design solutions that bring real results.


Mixmax is a powerful workflow automation tool that significantly increases the number of qualified prospects in your database. Founded in 2014, the company has helped numerous businesses reach out to their target audience and get a response they expected to receive. In other words, Mixmax connects businesses with the most relevant leads and helps them establish a seamless interaction and smooth work processes. Automation by Mixmax will increase the number of prospects your firm can reach exponentially. At the same time, you will ensure a personalized user experience by meeting their specific needs. Mixmax will also assist you with enhancing your operational excellence. The company’s customers are ready to prove the efficiency of its services, reporting significant time savings. The latter range from 1 day up to 90 hours per week. Mixmax also skyrockets booking appointments (it’s 6 times faster than without the tool.)


870-910 is a sales engagement platform that is located in Seattle. It significantly speeds up the process of selling by boosting the team’s performance. A high degree of automation allows for seamless interactions with customers. Outreach Inc. is well-known for its productivity enhancement strategies that help all kinds of sales teams achieve better outcomes. Moreover, the company provides excellent email outreach services. You can be sure that you will exceed your revenue goals with Outreach as the company prioritizes its clients. The platform is great for booking excellent appointments that typically result in better conversions. It provides comprehensive, integrated data on prospects, so you can easily establish smooth communication with them. You will also never forget any important details, so your retention rates will remain high. Thus, if you want to entirely transform your sales and reach all of your targets, Outreach will be the most suitable option for you.


Performance is everything when it comes to biz. Data keeping and comprehensive analysis are the core elements of the modern business approach. Having one tool that does all this not only accurately but also efficiently and helps you keep up with your KPIs has always been a dream. Thanks to Qlik Sense, it has come true. Qlik allows users to easily integrate their data and use it to make projections and corrections to prevailing company errors.


Salesflare is a smart CRM system loved by small businesses because it can significantly improve your funnel. There’s no more need to enter your data manually since the company has automated most processes. Your contacts will automatically appear on your list, and all your discussions will also be recorded with zero effort. The data is usually collected from social media, various B2B databases, calendars, etc. Your SDRs can focus on making calls, writing emails, and deepening relationships with existing and prospective customers.


Uplers is a trusted outsourcing agency that specializes in digital marketing, web development, design, automation, and other things a modern business needs to survive the competition and ensure success. The agency has been operating for almost 10 years already and is located in Surry Hills, Australia. The team of Uplers serves the needs of businesses across various verticals, helping them achieve their short-term and long-term goals with ease. Now, let’s see what exactly this agency has to offer to its customers.


Velan works in the eCommerce, cloud tech, and mobility sectors, helping businesses achieve ambitious goals. The company’s experts provide efficient business transformation at all levels, including digital transformation. Velan applies the best industry practices and uses the latest technology to implement robotic process automation. It also provides DevOps and business intelligence services.

Vocus is a Chrome extension that optimizes your Gmail outreach. It provides full-stack email functionality to your email campaigns. With Vocus, salespeople can set appointments, personalize messages, monitor and follow-up sequences, and more. This add-on easily integrates with your CRM and lets every teammate stay connected.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing is a reliable business partner providing lead and demand generation services.


Convirza is a cutting-edge call tracking platform that helps businesses optimize marketing campaigns and boost ROI.
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When you need good B2B sales software, you shouldn’t play a guessing game.

It takes a long search, a lot of brainstorming as well as weighing down pros and cons before you find the tool that works for you. That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you by gathering a selection of the best B2B sales tools available. This list comes complete with descriptions, ratings, and recommendations.

When you need good B2B sales software, you shouldn’t play a guessing game.

It takes a long search, a lot of brainstorming as well as weighing down pros and cons before you find the tool that works for you. That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you by gathering a selection of the best B2B sales tools available. This list comes complete with descriptions, ratings, and recommendations.

The tools from our list are recognized by thousands of Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Do you need to build a smooth sales pipeline? Power up your lead generation? Get a tool that provides great monitoring features? We understand that everybody needs a particular B2B sales tool for a particular sales goal. We constantly update our list, so you would always be able to find the tool that fits your goals like a glove.

There is no Ultimate Sales Tool that works for every business can instantly reach any objective.

Your choice of B2B sales prospecting tools depends on your needs, your company size, your target audience, and your industry. This is why we suggest studying each description closely before you choose a tool. We made sure to supply you with all the information necessary - and if you have any remaining questions, don’t be shy to contact us.

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  • What is a B2B tool?
    Sales and marketing tools make it easy for companies to track their sales and marketing campaigns, reach more markets, and drive better results.
    B2B sales lead tools have already helped numerous businesses and can facilitate your online marketing efforts, too. They are of great help in selling a wide variety of products and services.
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