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Whether in a large brand or a start-up, if the kind of business you run implies bookingappointments, you want to ensure that bookings with your company are easily accessible for clients. And as your business grows, creating, managing, and making your bookingshappen becomes a real challenge. But, what if you could fill your calendar with ease by letting your clients book appointmentsonline, right from their browser?

For this, you only need to start up a directonline booking system, and 10to8 might be the answer.

Belkins, the provider of smart B2B lead generation services, prepared a thorough 10to8 review for you.


About 10to8

10to8 is one of the most powerful sales tools meant for appointment scheduling.

What tasks can it perform? It is making appointments happen right when they were planned. It enables customers to create and manage their own appointments with your business quicker and easier, not having to wait for your reply. Also, thanks to automatic appointment reminders, this online booking system can significantly cut no-shows to 1 in every 900 appointments!

10to8 company

Also, this smart tool allows the integration of a public calendar that will sync with your appointment changes and let you fill in the gaps.

Finally, it helps you save your admins’ time by making online booking more seamless and effective than ever.

Who can benefit from it? - From large companies to small businesses (for example, a start-up), anyone who has a need to schedule appointments with their clients can leverage this scheduling software to increase their bottom line.

10to8 service

10to8 Pricing

What about 10to8 cost? There is a free 10to8 lifetime deal. It lets you make 100 appointments per month, allows 2 staff logins, includes SMS, offers online support, and is 10to8 branded. You can use the free version forever.

Apart from the free option, there are four additional 10to8 pricing plans:

  • Basic - $9.6/mo, same as a free plan, with customizable branding.
  • Grow - $20/mo, 300 appts, 3 staff logins, online support, customizable branding & SMS.
  • Bigger Business - $40/mo, 600 appts, 6 staff logins, online support, customizable branding & SMS.
  • Enterprise - bespoke price and terms, phone support available.

10to8 pricing

10to8 Review: Features

Here’s what this appointment scheduling software can do for you:

  1. Online Booking- Let people schedule appointments with you online, right from their browser.
  2. Reminders - Make your appointmentshappen by reminding customers about them in a timely manner.
  3. Calendar Sync - Synchronize your calendar with all appointments to fill last-minute slots.
  4. Staff Coordination - Coordinate your staff through a convenient dashboard.
  5. Accessibility - Establish an omnichannel scheduling process to let people book not only from the dedicated websitepage but also via phone and other channels.
  6. Reporting - Analyze performance, stay in touch with the customer, prevent no-shows, and get regular reports.

Top Executive

Matthew Cleevely

Main services
  • Accounting Integration
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Booking Management
  • Client Database
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Import/Export
Customers Served
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10to8 Company Details

The 10to8 company was created in the UK. The founders identified a shared problem that many businesses had in common - poor coordination. Businesses and service providers just didn’t know how and when to interact with their customers.

Before you can start using the 10to8 service, it is natural if you want to learn more details. Below you will find a brief overview of the key 10to8 company details that all potential clients need to know.

Company Address

13 Owlstone Rd, 

Cambridge, CB3 9JH,

United Kingdom 

10to8 Support

On the company’s websiteusers can find a separate 10to8 support center. In this center, you can discover a large knowledge base that consists of clear and detailed answers to the most common questions about 10to8 services, prices, etc. Also, in the support center, the company’s customers can create tickets if they need personalized support from the service’s reps. This type of customer support is available to all users, regardless of the paid plan they select.

Apart from the help center, there is also additional phone support. This service is only available for clients with the Enterprise plan.

10to8 Pros and Cons

There are dozens of positive 10to8 reviews. Still, this scheduling software has both pros and cons.

Pros: Cons:
  • Quick and simple appointment scheduling for all types of clients, including decision-makers, if you have a B2B sales leads database.
  • Services are available from a browser and application.
  • The free version is available for a lifetime.
  • Lots of great 10to8 integrations are available for higher effectiveness, convenience, and security.
  • The possibility to collect valuable feedback and reports on your company’s performance.
  • Customer support via phone is only offered to users who are paying for the Enterprise plan.
  • There is an affiliate program, but it doesn’t let you earn a commission for 10to8 sales, only for signups (only $3 per each).
  • It might be possible to find a 10to8 alternative that comes at a lower price.
  • SMS restrictions might apply in certain areas.
  • Booking from a browser can look a little outdated. 

Affiliate Program From 10to8

Apart from using this scheduling software to the benefit of your own business, you can also help other large and small businesses find out about this tool and make some money. How? By joining the 10to8 affiliate program!

In order to start earning the commission, you have to go to the relevant page on the company’s website and join the affiliate program. You can register for the program free of charge. Then, by helping the company acquire new clients, you will earn a commission based on new signups - you will make $3 for every validated signup.

10to8 Conclusions

Providing the possibility for online booking to the client is one of the keys to satisfaction. Yet, creating and managing bookings is hard. And it’s even harder to make sure that every appointment happens right in time.

To solve this issue, the company designed a very accurate online booking software that businesses can get at a reasonable price and finally start handling online booking effectively.

At the end of our 10to8 review, we have to say that this tool is worth your attention. It has certain cons. But, all in all, it makes business operations so much simpler.


  • What Is 10to8 Used for?

It is a popular online scheduling software and appointment reminder system designed to help businesses streamline appointment scheduling processes and deliver better experiences to their clients. With its help, your business can enable customers to book appointments with ease and receive timely notifications about them to reduce no-shows. The service is meant for therapists, health practitioners, independent practitioners, piano tuners, tutors, pet groomers, traveling professionals, and many others.

  • Where Is 10to8 Based?

The company was founded and registered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. At this point, the headquarters of the company is located in the same city and is the only office of the company. Although there are no international offices, the online booking system offered by this company is available for businesses across all countries. However, the company’s representatives highlight that there might be certain SMS restrictions depending on your location and encourage prospects to contact them to get more information concerning each specific location.

  • Is There a 10to8App?

Yes, there is the appointment schedulingapp that businesses can leverage to streamline their operations and save time and effort for their in-house teams. The application is compatible with different platforms and devices, so users have the ability to get the software for all of their devices. Besides, thanks to the smart 10to8 API, the app can be easily integrated with other tools, including Outlook, Google Calendar, and others,

  • Is 10to8 Free?

As was already mentioned, there is an opportunity to access the online bookingservices free of charge and use them for a lifetime. It can work just fine for a small business. However, the range of free services is somewhat limited. Thus, depending on the needs of your organization, you might want to get extended services by purchasing one of the offered paid plans.

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