Call center services are the main specialization of the company. The biggest distinctive feature of CentroGlobalSolutions is that it doesn’t provide generic BPO services. Instead, the company offers a range of services custom-tailored to the needs of clients across different industry verticals. 

CentroGlobalSolutions Services

  • Telecom

The team of CentroGlobalSolutions can help businesses in the Telecom sector manage their outbound and inbound programs across numerous locations across the world.

  • Healthcare

One more industry served by the company is Healthcare. CentroGlobalSolutions is HIPAA compliant and offers a wide range of services for its clients engaged in the healthcare industry. The services include claims processing, medical billing, revenue cycle management & chronic care management, and coding.

  • Technology

CentroGlobalSolutions has a large pool of multilingual IT specialists with solid skills and years of experience. For IT companies, CentroGlobalSolutions can provide effective post-sale product support and multi-channel customer care.

  • Automotive

CentroGlobalSolutions also has a number of solutions for its clients in the Automotive industry. The company can help them drive more sales, identify more business opportunities, and increase their revenues.

  • Retail & E-commerce

Businesses operating in the Retail & eCommerce sectors can use CentroGlobalSolutions services to ensure the flexibility of their business workflow and get all the needed support and solutions to ensure competitive results.

  • Travel & Leisure

For its clients in the Travel & Leisure niche, CentroGlobalSolutions offers booking support, sales management services, and loyalty programs.

CentroGlobalSolutions Pricing

There are no fixed plans at this company. The CentroGlobalSolutions pricing policy is flexible enough to let every customer get exactly what he needs.

The company offers several pricing models according to the project type. According to the information provided on the company’s website, the clients of CentroGlobalSolutions can pay per productive hour, per agent per month, per transaction, or per production minute.

On the Pricing page, you can find sample pricing per minute and per hour:

  • Onshore - from $22.5 to $30 per hour or from $0.70 to $0.92 per minute
  • Offshore - from $11.5 to $15.5 per hour or from $0.33 to $0.43 per minute

Please note that these are only examples of CentroGlobalSolutions pricing. The final price is calculated individually depending on each customer’s needs, including the type of service needed, profile of agents, call volume, the term of the agreement, and process complexity.

CentroGlobalSolutions Review

If you are looking for customer testimonials about CentroGlobalSolutions, you won’t find any on the company’s website. Moreover, you will also not find any outside the website

Not being able to find a third-party CentroGlobalSolutions review or customer testimonials on the web feels rather disappointing. The company has profiles at several reviewing platforms like Clutch, but they all only provide a generic overview of the company and services it offers. But there are no testimonials left by real customers.

However, it is still possible to find a CentroGlobalSolutions review from former employees. The company has a 3.2-star rating on Indeed. There are more than 70 reviews from people who used to work for the company and it is worth noting that many of them are not too flattering.

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