DealerFocus Services

  • Inbound Call Center

Providing all kinds of voice solutions is the main mission of DealerFocus. The first type of service businesses can get at this company is an inbound call center. DealerFocus offers its customers to entrust their inbound calls to professional agents with years of experience, who can handle them in the best way possible. Agents will provide your clients with top-level customer service and ensure the highest level of satisfaction. The experts from DealerFocus can handle a variety of matters, including service scheduling, follow-up, appointment setting and confirmation, and other types of calls.

  • Outbound Call Center

Apart from taking care of your inbound calls, DealerFocus can also handle your outbound calls. The outbound call center service offered by DealerFocus can help you generate lots of fresh business leads, set qualified appointments, and, thus, help you boost revenue. With this service, businesses can streamline their communication with customers and prospects, deliver an excellent quality of service, and ensure satisfaction. In addition, DealerFocus guarantees that each of your calls, both inbound and outbound, will be recorded for you.

DealerFocus Pricing

DealerFocus delivers both turnkey and customizable solutions. This might be the main reason why you can’t find any specific info about DealerFocus pricing from the company’s website. Obviously, the prices for the company’s services are calculated individually for every customer based on his needs and business goals.

In fact, the company really lacks specific information on its site. There are not too many details provided about the company itself, its services, rates, and other nuances. Thus, to get a comprehensive explanation of the DealerFocus pricing policy, as well as its solutions, potential customers should get in touch with DealerFocus reps directly. There are a contact form and a direct phone number. You can choose the most convenient way to contact the company and ask all your questions.

DealerFocus Review

Call center service providers like DealerFocus rely a lot on customer reviews in their operations. Customer reviews are the solid grounding that helps such companies stay competitive and achieve success. Knowing this, it seems quite unclear why there is not even one DealerFocus review on the company’s website.

Although the company itself doesn’t share customer testimonials, the good news is that it is still possible to find a DealerFocus review on the Internet. There are not many testimonials and reviews of DealerFocus, but there are some. For example, the company’s rating according to Google is 3.9 stars. This assessment is based on seven reviews, some of which are positive, but not all of them.

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