Extended Presence specializes in developing custom B2B email marketing and sales programs and managing them for large tech companies. The key goals of the Extended Presence team are to help its customers boost revenues, improve the sales pipeline, ensure that the marketing and sales departments are on the same page, and enhance ROI.

Extended Presence Services

  • Demand Generation

Extended Presence offers effective teleprospecting services to help its customers create productive sales channels and generate higher demand for their brands. The company will help you develop, implement, and manage a successful demand generation strategy that will get you ahead of the competition.

  • C-Level Appointment Setting

Also, the company helps mid-sized and large enterprises to make lots of valuable C-level appointments. The team of Extended Presence will take care of everything related to appointment setting, letting your team focus on closing deals.

The extended Presence team will become a virtual extension to your team and help you generate lots of high-quality B2B leads, thus, helping you to achieve high ROI without a hassle.

  • Lead Nurturing

Apart from helping businesses generate lots of fresh business leads, Extended Presence also offers efficient lead nurturing services. The company’s experts will focus on nurturing your leads until they are ready to close deals and your team will be able to achieve higher close rates.

  • Target Customer Profiling

Knowing your target audience well is the key to success in every business and Extended Presence can help you get to know your customers better. The company provides custom list development services, helping B2B USA businesses target their customers better.

  • Webinar & Event Services

Extended Presence also offers a range of webinar & event services and solutions. All services from this sector are customized to meet the needs of every customer and can include such solutions as the development of custom invitations, registration services, follow-up, and much more.

  • Integrated Marketing Services

Extended Presence can help you deliver your company’s messages to prospects in the most effective and meaningful way. The company will help you create a custom integrated marketing campaign that will serve your business goals.

  • Channel Partner Recruitment

Finally, the team of experts from Extended Presence can help you create custom, accurate, and well-targeted lists of prospect Value Added Resellers for your business.

Extended Presence Pricing

The only thing we managed to find out about the Extended Presence pricing is that the approximate hourly rate is < $25. However, we didn’t find any confirmation of this on the company’s website. Extended Presence does not disclose its rates on the site.

However, there is a way to learn more. You can request additional information about the company, services, or Extended Presence pricing by submitting a short form that you can fill in on the Contact Us page. Apart from the contact form, there are a few other ways to contact the company’s representatives. There are phone numbers and an email address for immediate assistance. Unfortunately, there is no live chat, which is quite inconvenient. But, you can choose any other means of communication that suits you. 

Extended Presence Review

If you surf through the Extended Presence website, you can find a page called Client Testimonial. On this page, you can check out a few testimonials left by the company’s past and current customers. It is not surprising that every Extended Presence review you’ll find here is positive. However, these testimonials really contravene what you can read about the company outside the website.

You can find one more Extended Presence review on Clutch. Here, the company has 4.0 stars out of 5. However, the rating is calculated based on only one feedback, which, despite the positive text of the review, gives the company only 4 stars in all four criteria, including the quality, schedule, cost, and willingness to refer.

It is also possible to find some more customer testimonials, as well as third-party reviews, on the Internet. Many of these reviews are fairly positive, but there are also quite a few neutral and even some negative testimonials.

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Having provided 8,331,490 qualified leads to over 430 clients, we are eager to boost your sales results. Belkins belongs to the world’s top 10 companies on Clutch, facilitating business growth. Not only do we provide high-quality target leads, but we also maximize your conversions by testing and improving your email deliverability. Moreover, we ensure powerful LinkedIn Marketing turning you into a thought leader. Our comprehensive approach enhances every aspect of your sales, so make the most of your efforts. 

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