Flatworld Solutions is an Indian call center outsourcing services company with a global reach and offices in the U.S., UK, the Philippines, and India. The company’s list of services is long and includes call center, video and photo editing, transcription, software development, IT staffing, appointment setting services, analysis, delivery, and many more. Boasting 18,000+ customers and 3,500+ employees, Flatworld offers the most efficient locations around the world at the best possible price as its unique value proposition.

In the scope of work Belkins provides, outsourcing is the new normal. Businesses want to grow, and their growth requires more B2B leads, new operational capacities, and sales outsourcing. These days, any business operation can be outsourced. From live answering and customer support to healthcare BPO services, Flatworld Solutions provides a range of call center outsourcing services to global customers.

From Call Center Outsourcing Services To Appointment Setting Services And Everything In Between

Helping businesses to cut down on overall labor costs, Flatworld Solutions offers an impressive list of services that includes inbound and outbound marketing, lead generation, customer support, software development, consulting, call center monitoring, and many others across industries. Having Fujitsu, Yale School of Management, MSN, and ComCast among its clients, Flatworld is now accelerating its development with an ever-expanding selection of services.

  • Call Center Services

Those who want to outsource call center services will do it right if they partner with Flatworld Solutions. Using India’s rapid development and governmental support to their advantage, the company’s call centers provide business process outsourcing (BPO) with its own staff and physical infrastructure. From telemarketing services to multi-channel voice, email, and chat support to CCTV monitoring, Flatworld takes on the call center operations, saving international companies thousands of dollars in overhead expenses.  

  • Research & Analysis

Healthcare, pharmacy, marketing, social media, or investment, Flatworld provides research services in any area and industry. By outsourcing all kinds of research plus medical writing, market feasibility analysis, and data analysis to India, companies cut down their operating costs by 50%. With research & analysis fees starting at $14/h, Flatworld enables international businesses to get access to expert analysis and make effective use of data at very affordable rates.

  • Software Development

Offering varieties of technological solutions for businesses of any size, Flatworld will help ensure compatibility of the software tools (custom software development, mobile development, iOS app development) to technology resources and budgets. Whether you need database management, infrastructure management services or IT staffing, or software testing services, Flatworld will provide scalable and flexible software tools.  

  • Logistics Services

Aiming to provide affordable services, Flatworld Solutions has established its global delivery centers in low-cost cities around the world. With delivery offices in India, the Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia, and Colombia, the company reaches its competitive advantage by leveraging plug-and-play technologies and smart equipment. The use of LMA (Logistics Management Automation) simplifies complex tasks so that Flatworld can offer specialized logistics trucking services with fewer errors and delays.

  • Engineering Services

The range of engineering services Flatworld Solutions offers is impressive. From drafting, rendering, and 3D modeling to plant design management systems, Flatworld Solutions is an Indian provider of electrical, structural, mechanical, and civil engineering services, as well as architectural services. Clients can commission retail space planning or electrical layout services from an Indian expert at a fraction of the cost compared to their American and European colleagues. Having resources and capabilities to create innovative, agile, and profitable engineering tools, Flatworld has top-level expertise and technical know-how for businesses that are looking to outsource engineering services without losing quality.

  • Creative Design & Photo Editing

Flatworld Solutions also dips its toes into design and art services. Do you need animation or photo and video editing for your advertising media campaign? Are you looking for an illustrator or copywriter for your social media platforms? Do you want a new logo for your brand? Outsource creating work to Flatworld Solutions, and you will achieve your advertising and brand positioning goals in no time, saving 40% to 60% in expenses along the way.

  • Additional Services

The exhaustive list of services businesses can outsource to Flatworld Solutions further includes:

  1. Human Relations (HR)
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Internet Publishing
  4. Photo Editing
  5. Business Incorporation
  6. Curriculum Development
  7. Visual Communication
  8. Even Registration
  9. Translation
  10. Transcription
  11. Legal Process
  12. Customs Brokerage
  13. Insurance BPO Services
  14. Healthcare BPO Services
  15. Real Estate Owned Services (REO)
  16. Mortgage
  17. Data Entry
  18. Finance & Accounting.

Flatworld Solutions Reviews

Anyone who starts looking through Flatworld Solutions reviews and testimonials first finds the coveted 5 stars. Unbiased sites like Clutch as well as the company’s website have only positive reviews that characterize Flatworld Solutions as the one that “does a phenomenal job of training replacement resources” and “has gone above and beyond to make our customers happy.”

With some services, Flatworld Solutions have been on the market for over 17 years. That is why they cannot but have negative reviews too. Even though negative feedback is not on the surface, it is possible to find customers who found Flatworld’s performance average or downright sub-par.

Overall, however, Flatworld Solutions is a respected organization that has a decent reputation and a high-performance culture.

Flatworld Solutions Pricing

Flatworld Solutions works on the premise that operating from low-cost locations gives them a competitive advantage and reasonable prices for global clients. Each service features a minimum rate like $8/h for delivery and logistics services, but it is of little information as it isn’t based on any hard data. As outsourcing is getting increasingly popular, pricing is changing all the time. Request a quote for the specific services you want to outsource.

Complement Outsourcing Services With Lead Generation

Whatever your niche is, you most probably sell your services or product, right? If you haven’t thought of it before, we suggest you outsource marketing and appointment setting services. Each year the outsourcing industry has new emerging trends as new markets are opening up, offering new exciting business opportunities. 

Many companies find out that outsourcing lead generation and sales boost their revenue and expands their reach. As one of the world’s top 10 companies according to Clutch ratings, Belkins will support your business with a powerful sales enabling strategy. Give us a call to find out more about what we can do for your success.

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