All in all, GeekSquares’ services are designed to help its customers grow and keep their businesses competitive in the modern market. The company promises to provide its clients with all the needed support and help to ensure seamless business continuity and the achievement of short-term and long-term goals.

GeekSquares Services

  • Managed IT Services

GeekSquares offers a broad spectrum of high-quality IT solutions. These solutions include such features as security services, network management, monitoring services, OS management, DB management, and SAP management.

  • Most Reliable BPO Solutions

Apart from the IT support, GeekSquares also delivers top-notch BPO solutions, which include such services as calls, leads, networking, server, dialer, payment gateway, and a firewall.

  • Digital Marketing

Although digital marketing isn’t the key focus of the company, in the What We Do section of the website, GeekSquares claims that its team can help customers maximize the results of their marketing efforts, increase organic traffic, and generate higher revenues.

  • Web, UI Design & Development

GeekSquare helps businesses find the right experts to take care of web design and development. The company can help you create a top-notch website that will be tailored to your unique business needs and, at the same time, will be innovative, intuitive, and appealing.

  • App Development

Apart from website development, GeekSquares can also take care of the development of your apps to help you create the most appealing design and deliver the best user experience.

  • E-commerce Solution

The team of GeekSquare can also help its customers develop effective e-commerce portals that promote the expansion and growth of their businesses’ on the digital landscape.

  • Tech Support

Lastly, one of the biggest focus points of GeekSquares is tech support. The company can provide your business with expert antivirus, printer, browser, router, and Microsoft Office support.

GeekSquares Pricing

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page, you will find a link to the GeekSquares pricing page. It is a good thing that the company is willing to disclose its prices. Many of its competitors prefer to keep their rates undisclosed, leaving potential customers with no other options rather than contact them to request a quote.

In total, GeekSquares has 12 pricing plans for different types of services. There are plans for one-time support that cost from $49.99 to $199.99. Also, there are separate plans for maintenance ($379.99), hosting setup ($329.99), server setup ($299.99), and domain setup ($249.99). Finally, there are also four different plans for different types of website services that range from $399.99 and $549.99.

Also, if none of the plans described on the GeekSquares pricing page suits you, there is a possibility to create a customized plan. Users can contact the company’s representatives, communicate their needs and goals, and the company will create a customized offer tailored to those needs.

GeekSquares Review

For some reason, GeekSquares does not have a single GeekSquares review on its website. Although the company may not have tens of years of experience yet, it should have at least some reviews. After all, providing reviews on a corporate website is a proven way to connect with potential customers better and prove to them that the services or products you deliver are worthy. Thus, the company's decision to keep customer testimonials hidden is rather obscure.

Luckily, there is a possibility to find some testimonials on third-party platforms. GeekSquares has a company profile on Clutch. Here, the company has earned a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5. Why Choose Belkins

Having provided 8,331,490 qualified leads to over 430 clients, we are eager to boost your sales results. Belkins belongs to the world’s top 10 companies on Clutch, facilitating business growth. Not only do we provide high-quality target leads, but we also maximize your conversions by testing and improving your email deliverability. Moreover, we ensure powerful LinkedIn Marketing turning you into a thought leader. Our comprehensive approach enhances every aspect of your sales, so make the most of your efforts. 

Schedule a call to find out how to enjoy a significant increase in profit, starting from today.This rating is based on only one GeekSquares review, so if you want to get a fuller picture of what customers think about GeekSqares, it makes sense to keep searching.

Also, the company has some reviews on Google. Here, you will find 3 customer reviews and a rating of 3.7, which is even lower than on Clutch. All in all, the company has both positive and negative reviews, which speaks for itself.


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