Throughout almost 20 years of experience, GenSales has significantly expanded and established itself as a trustworthy service provider. The main focus of the company is lead generation. GenSales helps B2B USA businesses develop an effective strategy to generate highly-convertible leads on a regular basis to meet their short-term and long-term goals. 

Apart from lead generation, GenSales also offers cold calling, appointment setting, and telephone surveying services across multiple industries. Some of the industries the company covers include AI, IT, industrial and trades companies, medical companies, and many others.

GenSales Services

  • Lead Generation Strategy

GenSales takes an all-rounded approach to lead generation services. The company doesn’t just help businesses generate new leads for them. It offers to develop a custom lead generation strategy that will bring even more benefits in the long run. The team of GenSales will work with your in-house team to identify your ideal target market, strengths, and the most effective ways to connect with your prospects and, thus, shorten your sales cycle.

  • B2B Appointment Setting / Lead Generation

GenSales offers smart appointment setting and lead generation services to B2B businesses that aim at helping its customers reach their objectives faster and easier. The company helps you delegate your appointment setting and best B2B lead generation tasks to experienced, US-based telemarketers, who will handle all calls on your behalf, letting your team focus on closing deals.

  • Quality Prospect Databases

A high-quality prospect database is a key to success in your telemarketing efforts. One more service offered at GenSales enables businesses to reach their objectives faster by helping them build high-quality prospect databases or refine the databases they already have.

  • Market Research - Telephone Surveys

The company helps you connect with your clients better and ensure the highest level of satisfaction by configuring effective telephone surveys for you. GenSales can help businesses craft surveys for a variety of purposes including brand promotion, the introduction of new products or services, identification of potential sales, and much more.

GenSales Pricing

What do we know about the GenSales pricing? In fact, not much is being said on the company’s website. There is no explanation about the price formation principles or available pricing plans.

If you look it up on the Internet, you also won’t be able to find any information about the GenSales pricing policy. Most reviews posted on independent platforms like CLutch just say “undisclosed” in the price graph.

Thus, the only way to calculate the approximate cost of the services you want to get from GenSales is to reach out to the company itself. There are a phone number and a contact form you can use to schedule a conversation with one of the company’s reps.

GenSales Review

On the company’s website, there is a separate page with customer testimonials. There you can find nine reviews, each of which praises the company for its professionalism and recommends everyone to use their services. However, as we all know, companies would never let negative comments appear on their websites, so you should not rely on the information you get from testimonials posted on the GenSales website alone.

Despite a huge number of testimonials and a fairly positive GenSales review posted on Clutch, which rates the company with 4.9 stars, there are negative and neutral reviews of GenSales scattered across the web. While there are some customers who give the company 5 stars out of 5, there are also those who are not so happy about their work. And almost every unflattering GenSales review highlights a poor value for money.

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