The company is US-based and located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Leaseasalesrep offers sales services and solutions to businesses of all sizes from small ones to large enterprises. The company operates in a number of industry verticals, including healthcare, technology, software, trades, medical, professional services, construction, and restaurants.

The company’s core focus is outsourcing. Leaseasalesrep makes outsourcing sales reps for various purposes simple and effective. It allows you to hire professional sales reps that will act as an extension to your own team and help you cope with a variety of tasks, including appointment setting, lead generation, telesales, and much more.

Leaseasalesrep Services

  • Lead Generation

Leaseasalesrep offers businesses of all shapes and kinds to outsource lead generation matters to professional reps. The experts from the company will help you generate lots of warm leads to boost sales and achieve your business goals.

  • Appointment Setting

The reps from Leaseasalesrep can also help you ensure that your calendar is filled with lots of meetings with the right people. The company’s appointment setting service is created to help you save your team’s time, without giving up on the performance.

  • Tele-Sales

Leaseasalesrep offers businesses to delegate their sales calls to real pros. Using the company’s telesales service, your company can get more b2b outside sales calls in less time. At the same time, the company promises to ensure more closed deals at a lower cost-per-sale.

  • Inside Sales

The Inside Sales service is one more service offered at Leaseasalesrep. This service implies that the company will place expert sales staff on-site, at your own location, either on a full-time or part-time basis.

  • Outside Sales

This next solution delivered by Leaseasalesrep provides businesses with an experienced sales force that can handle your sales in the field on a contract basis. The company’s experts can work in a variety of markets and industries and guarantee great results.

  • Trade Show Leads

Leaseasalesrep helps businesses ensure the success of their trade shows. The company’s sales reps will provide you with the needed amount of qualified trade show leads to increase the ROI of your event.

  • Inbound Call Center

The expert reps from Leaseasalesrep can take care of your inbound calls. Some of the daily tasks they can handle for you include email and live chat response, customer service, e-commerce order processing, catalog order processing, appointment setting, and much more.

Leaseasalesrep Pricing

The company’s website itself won’t provide you with all the necessary information concerning Leaseasalesrep pricing. Neither at nor at other resources is there any info about how much the company’s services cost.

To get more details about Leaseasalesrep pricing potential customers will have to fill out a contact form provided on the website or use other means of communication to connect with the company’s representatives. 

Leaseasalesrep Review

We didn’t manage to find this company on such trusted reviewing platforms as TrustPilot or Clutch. Nevertheless, there is a Leaseasalesrep review page on Reputada, where you can find more than 15 reviews from the company’s past and current customers. The company’s rating here is 4.5 stars out of 5.

Almost every Leaseasalesrep review posted on is positive. Many customers list quality, competency, and innovation as the company’s biggest benefits. However, it is worth saying that some reviews posted here look way too generic. Thus, it is hard to define whether these are real and unbiased reviews.

Besides, if you look for more reviews elsewhere, you can come across quite a few negative testimonials. Thus, we can conclude that Leaseasalesrep gets both positive and negative reviews as well.

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