Unlike many of its competitors, Miratel Solutions has a very limited area of specialization. The main focus of the company is nonprofit fundraising services like lottery fundraising, telephone fundraising, donation caging, online fundraising, and many others.

Miratelinc really stands out from the crowd of competitors not only thanks to its vast experience and narrow focus but also thanks to its numerous green initiatives. The company emphasizes environmental awareness, accountability, and stewardship at its contact center.

Miratelinc Services

  • Fundraising Services

As was already mentioned, Miratelinc specializes in providing nonprofit fundraising services. The company can help you create and manage unique fundraising campaigns that will result in lots of valuable donor interactions. In the framework of its fundraising services, Miratelinc offers inbound telephone, outbound telephone, lottery, and online fundraising solutions, as well as donation processing and mailing.

  • Call Center Services

Miratelinc also provides effective call center services. The company offers B2B USA businesses to entrust all interactions with their customers and prospects to professional agents, who know exactly how to deliver impeccable customer service. Miratel offers both inbound and outbound call center services, including 24/7 live response all year round and multilingual support.

  • Other Services

Apart from fundraising and contact center services, Miratel Solutions also has a few additional services and solutions that can help your business grow and thrive. The additional services include business continuity plan, disaster recovery site, sales lead, and list management, data analysis and management, PCI Compliant data encryption, and 24/7 video surveillance.

Miratelinc Pricing

Miratel tells a lot about its various benefits on the website. The company emphasizes its security, experience, dedication, and professionalism. But they don’t say a thing about Miratelinc pricing.

According to the general info that can be found on the Internet, the average hourly rate at Miratel is under $25. However, to get more specific details about the Miratelinc pricing policy and fees, you should contact the company directly and request a quote.

Miratelinc Review

If you want to learn more about the company and the quality of services it delivers, the best way to do it is by reading an unbiased Miratelinc review and checking customer testimonials. The opinions of people who have already worked with Miratel can tell you much more than anything else about the company’s reliability.

To get started, you can visit the Testimonials page at miratelinc.com. There you will find 5 testimonials from the company’s clients. Each of these testimonials is left by a satisfied customer, so they are 100% positive.

To find a more comprehensive Miratelinc review, we encourage you to look outside the website. If you look it up, you can find more testimonials and reviews. Some of them are praising the company. But, if you search well, you can also come across numerous negative comments.

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