The company serves the needs of hardware and software businesses that operate in the B2B sector. Although appointment setting is the main specialization of the company, More Meetings also offers a range of additional services. Some other services the team of More Meetings provides are trade show lead qualification, performance-based lead nurturing, and sales training.

More Meetings Services

  • B2B Appointment Setting

The core service offered at More Meetings is appointment setting. The company offers B2B brands to delegate the process of cold calling and appointment setting to professional callers. These experts will be acting on behalf of your brand and ensure a stable flow of high-quality appointments to your company, whereas your sales team will save lots of time and focus on what matters the most - ensuring that those deals close.

  • Lead Nurturing

Another handy feature available for More Meetings customers is the lead nurturing service. Apart from setting appointments for you, the company’s experts can take care of the lead nurturing process and ensure that more of your prospects make it to the funnel and convert into real sales opportunities. The company promises to help you make 72% of your meetings to convert.

  • Trade Show Lead Qualification

More Meetings promises businesses to help them boost the conversion rate of their trade show leads and turn those leads into effective sales appointments. The specialists from the company will help you build stronger relationships with all trade show leads by contacting and qualifying them.

  • Sales Training

Lastly, More Meetings offers effective training services to help you empower your in-house teams. The professional sales specialists from More Meetings leverage all their knowledge, skills, and vast experience to deliver thorough and high-quality coaching that will turn your new salespeople into real pros, at the same time, saving the time of your sales managers.

More Meetings Pricing

The company’s website is very plain. At some point, it may even feel like it is not informative enough as it only provides a bit of information about More Meetings and the services offered here. And, as for the More Meetings pricing, on the site, there is no information about it at all.

Even if you look for information about the More Meetings pricing policy outside the website, you won’t find more details. Apparently, the rates are calculated individually for all customers depending on the scope of their business and the services they request. This is the only logical explanation for the lack of information about their pricing on the site.

The good news is that it is possible to get more info. More Meetings offers several means of communication to let their current and potential customers connect with the company’s reps. Some of the contact details you can find on the site are email address, phone number, contact form, and online chat.

More Meetings Review

If you look up the company on Clutch, you will find out that the company’s rating on this platform is 5.0 stars, which is the highest assessment. Together with the positive feedback left by the clients of More Meetings and posted on their website, it can make you feel like the company has a flawless reputation. However, don’t let this make you think that there is not a single negative More Meetings review out there.

Yes, the company has been around for quite a while. More Meetings has been helping enterprises achieve their business goals for 20 years already. And yes, there are many positive testimonials about their services. However, if you dig deeper, you can find a not-so-flattering More Meetings review and not even one. Just like it always is, there are two sides to the coin, so there are many satisfied clients, as well as many of those who remained not very satisfied after working with More Meetings.

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