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An Australian SaaS start-up, Ovatu is an appointment-booking software provider that offers e-commerce capabilities and integrates with a range of popular point-of-sale systems.

Widely used in the hair and beauty industry as well as the fitness, wellness, and education industries, Ovatu helps seven million people every month book appointments around the globe and relieves businesses of many of the manual processes involved in scheduling appointments.

Unlike B2B lead generation services that work solely with businesses, Ovatu has a B2C business model and helps brands interact with the end-user. Ovatu customizes the entire booking experience and offers businesses a platform to easily convert customers into long-term clients.

About Ovatu

The software was created by Australian Dave Hole as a side hobby. Unexpectedly, it caught on and became a tool equally helpful to businesses and their customers.

For end-users, Ovatu is an online booking app for the restaurant, salon, spa, and childcare sectors that clients can access on their phones, laptop, and iPad. Backed by investors, Ovatu’s goal is to make bookings as easy as taking a selfie. To achieve this, the company hires human operators to answer questions for businesses and customers. The operators help schedule appointments on behalf of clients using algorithms and cognitive learning technology. Also, customers can use Ovatu to leave reviews and purchase gift cards or vouchers.

For businesses, Ovatu’s intelligent online booking platform is one of the highly effective sales tools. Ovatu helps bring your business online by automating and scaling many processes, from sending reminders to managing payments and check-ins and check-outs.

Businesses can also easily integrate their existing CRM systems into Ovatu so that they sync customer information, sales opportunities, and other relevant data directly into their booking system. It does this by providing small businesses with software that helps them organize their schedules. This allows them to create more appointments from existing customer leads, which results in increased sales.

The software also allows them to provide their customers with more accurate wait times and service estimates by automating appointment follow-up and customer communication.

Ovatu has been featured in over ten countries, with over 3,000 businesses using their software every day.

Ovatu Pricing

Ovatu offers several pricing models to help small business owners, from entrepreneurs to freelancers, manage their businesses more efficiently.

Solo at €14.00/month is a plan for growing businesses and includes one employee, 300 SMS credits, and unlimited services.

Businesses that are ready to scale up and increase their revenue even further with smart scheduling and automation can choose between Small at €28.00/month (5 employees, unlimited services and reservations, and 600 SMS credits), Medium at €46.00/month (10 employees, unlimited services and reservations, and 1,000 SMS credits), or Large at €65.00/month (20 employees and 1,500 SMS credits).

Each plan offers a 60-day free trial.

Ovatu Features

Ovatu provides businesses with everything necessary to manage appointments and sales. Its features include:

  • Online booking

Ovatu’s Mini-Site allows businesses to create a customizable Ovatu-hosted online booking site with their own personal branding and exclusive book.app domain.

Ovatu’s Booking Bot is a browser-based chatbot that allows customers to quickly and easily schedule appointments on a business’s website without leaving their browser. The technology exists to provide similar functionality as a traditional appointment booking system, but in a fraction of the time and without requiring any installation.

Mini-sites and booking bots aren't for everyone, so Ovatu offers an embeddable booking widget that can be customized to fit in with any business's branding.

  • Reminders & Marketing

To deal with no-shows, Ovatu offers businesses the feature of automated SMS and email reminders to encourage people to reschedule. Ovatu's automated review system will encourage customers to leave reviews for your business and display them on your site for the world to see. Ovatu's SMS and email marketing tools help you reach customers via the channels they prefer. Businesses can send an email or SMS blast to their entire database or a targeted campaign to a tailored audience and gather important performance metrics on their campaigns.

  • Payment & POS

Ovatu’s online payment service includes some of the most popular online payment systems, deposits, on-the-spot invoicing, and various payment integrations.

  • Scheduling

The app enables clients to book one-on-one appointments as well as track attendance in large groups. Ovatu’s Roster automates employee shift changes by integrating with staffing companies and employee scheduling systems like Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange (and many others).

  • Reporting

Ovatu provides powerful reporting tools that help business owners make smart choices based on accurate and reliable information. As a marketing platform and invoicing system, Ovatu gathers granular insights on its sales, bookings, and employee data over a set period. Ovatu users can also collect crucial information on inventory volume and customer revenue with the app’s intuitive reporting software.

Ovatu Details

Founded in 2010, Ovatu is a family business managed by the couple, Dave and Ula. To put it in the owner’s own words, they run Ovatu from Manly, “a beautiful country town on the South Coast of NSW” in Australia.

Ovatu Support

The Guides section on the website provides answers to commonly asked questions about using Ovatu and video guides to help them use their service. 

Ovatu has detailed information about all the possible issues and questions in videos. For example, you can watch a video to find out how to add a reservation to a sale or how to sell a pass. 

Clients can call +44 20 3808 3014, email at hello@ovatu.com, or talk to a chatbot online.

Ovatu Pros and Cons

Here are some of the benefits of using the Ovatu booking app.

  1. Saves time. Time-saver is the first thing that comes to mind when Ovatu clients think of this app. Ovatu greatly reduces the amount of time business owners spend on administrative tasks.
  2. Easy to use and customize. There's no software to install or update as Ovatu is all web-based. You can log in from your mobile phone or computer whenever you need to, which is great for those who travel a lot.
  3. Saves money. The fact that business owners don’t have to deal with middlemen or maintain inventory enables them to pass those savings on to their clients.
  4. Helpful Customer Service. There is a support team if you need assistance. They return calls or emails promptly and are friendly and supportive. There is an exceptionally useful Help Guide for those who are tech-shy and hates calling. The Help Guide is easy to understand and has step-by-step instructions.
  5. Booking reminders save cancelations. The fact that they are sent automatically is a great time-saver.

However, the Ovatu platform has some discrepancies that could be solved by making a few changes.

  • The app would be easier to use if there were a way to select multiple services and make changes to them at once (i.e., buffer times or resources).
  • Lack of training and information makes it difficult to show new staff how to work the system effectively.
  • Inability to block out a specific day (you can block, but it still allows clients to book over it).
  • It would also be nice if confirmations were sent to text instead of email
  • No shop option for customers to buy products online

Affiliate program from Ovatu

Ovatu's referral program is designed to reward new customers for successfully referring their friends. When a new customer's friend signs up for the Ovatu Referral Program, both the new customer and the friend will receive a US$30 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent).

To participate in the Referral Program, new customers should either send their friends a Unique Referral Link or add their names to the New Referrals area.

Ovatu Conclusions

Ovatu is an elegant sales tool for business owners to eliminate mountains of paperwork, boost their efficiency, and improve customer service. By simplifying and automating the entire booking process, Ovatu users make it easier for customers to book appointments, have all of their customer data at their fingertips, and eliminate the need for excess customer service staff. It’s a win-win for both business owners and customers alike.

If you’re the type of business owner looking for an efficient way to boost your bottom line, Ovatu can be customized to meet your needs. The widget is available as an integration or landing page or as a mini-site widget for your website. You can use it to book appointments, schedule services, and take payments — all on your phone or laptop! And if you need additional support staff to ensure that every customer gets the best experience possible, Ovatu has you covered there too. Their customer service staff will make sure any questions that arise during your booking process are answered promptly and professionally.


  • What is Ovatu?

Ovatu is cloud-based smart scheduling software that enables businesses to help their clients book appointments, make payments for services, and get alerts and reminders. Through its simple interface, the software enables the set-up of remote booking capabilities and automates notifications for appointments, service orders, and staff shifts. It's a great tool for customer support and customer outreach.

For businesses from the restaurant, salon, or spa sectors, Ovatu can act as a B2B sales leads database to help them find other companies in the same industry.

  • Who Uses Ovatu?

Ovatu is an app both for clients and businesses. Small businesses use Ovatu as software that helps them organize their schedules. This allows them to create more appointments from existing customer leads, which results in increased sales. In turn, clients make spa appointments and restaurant bookings with more accurate wait times and service estimates by automating appointment follow-up and customer communication.

  • What languages does Ovatu support?

So far, Ovatu supports only English.

  • How much is Ovatu monthly?

Ovatu is based on a freemium business model, where users can try any pricing plan for 2 months before signing up. Ovatu pricing plans range from €14.00/month to €65.00/month.

  • How do I cancel Ovatu?

Ovatu has a fully transparent cancellation policy. An Ovatu customer may cancel their account at any time for any reason via the Web App and may request full deletion of their account via email hello@ovatu.com.

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