The abbreviation PRG stands for Project Resources Group. All the PRG products and services are designed exclusively for businesses within the telephony, cable, utility, and construction industries.

The core mission of the company is to deliver smart and efficient project management, technical resources, and risk mitigation services that meet and exceed customers’ needs.

PRG Services

  • Construction Project Management

The expert team of PRG provides customers with top-level project management services applicable to all aspects and stages of engineering and construction initiatives. This service was designed for customers who operate in the telecommunications industry. Within the framework of the company’s construction project management service, PRG offers a wide selection of programs, including construction management, power supply upgrades, address integrity management, engineering and permitting solutions, cell tower backhaul, OSP audits and quality control, network expansion, commercial construction, materials management, and much more.

  • Outside Plant Damage Investigation & Recovery

Another key solution offered by PRG consulting is plant damage investigation and recovery. The core goal of this service is to help businesses recoup damage recovery costs (if the damage was caused by third parties) quicker and easier. The team of PRG will conduct a thorough external investigation and help you develop and implement an effective recovery program.

PRG Pricing

There is not much we know about PRG pricing. The company promises to deliver the best value for money and says that the prices for their solutions are pocket-friendly. However, there is no confirmation on the website or anywhere else on the web.

On the company’s site, there is no PRG pricing page or any specific details. Apparently, for one to learn more about the rates, it is necessary to request a quote. There are several ways to reach out to the company’s representatives. There is a contact form you can submit to get one of the managers to contact you and there is a phone number to connect with the sales team. You can choose the method that works best for you.

PRG Review

A company that has been around for 20 years should have plenty of customer reviews. Or so you would think. But, for some reason, PRG is an exclusion from the rule.

There is not even one PRG review on the company’s website. And, if you look for testimonials outside of the site, you also won’t find much. Although PRG has company profiles on a number of trusted reviewing platforms like Clutch, there are no testimonials.

It is possible to find one or a few third-party reviews. Almost each PRG review we found ios quite neutral, meaning they all highlight both positive and negative sides of the company.

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