At the heart of Purple Sales is a large team of dedicated professionals who become an extension to your in-house team, helping shape a wealthier pipeline and boost sales. The company’s team is a unique blend of Tech, Marketing, and Sales specialists aimed at helping customers reach new heights with ease.

The company primarily serves B2B USA businesses that operate in the tech field. The solutions offered by Purple Sales include outbound sales, inbound marketing, and coaching.

Purple Sales Services

  • Outbound Sales

Purple Sales helps B2B companies scale their business and reach new, bigger goals faster. One of the services offered here is outbound sales. This solution is designed to help companies to identify, connect, explore, advise, and close their potential customers. This solution includes a range of smart features such as the development of targeted prospect lists, appointment setting, qualified B2B sales lead generation, sales meetings, and customer acquisition.

  • Inbound Marketing

Another type of service offered at Purple Sales is inbound marketing. The team of Purple Sales leverages its vast experience and proficiency to help you advance your marketing strategy and attract even more prospects. The company helps to create and distribute high-quality, trending content to help businesses deliver their messages better and engage their target audience. Purple Sales can also help you SEO optimize your content for better results.

  • Coaching

Lastly, Purple Sales helps companies empower their internal teams to further grow their business. Purple Sales delivers custom coaching solutions that can help your business evolve in such niches as strategy, consultative sales, tech, and people. By requesting this service, you will get all the knowledge and basis to ensure stable and rapid growth.

Purple Sales Pricing

On the company’s website, there is a separate page dedicated to communicating the Purple Sales pricing to existing and potential customers. However, when you open the Pricing page, you may feel slightly disappointed because it doesn’t really provide you with any specific information.

On the Purple Sales pricing page, you can only find the explanation of the available plans for different types of services. Here, you can learn what is included in every plan. However, to get the price, you will have to contact the company’s reps directly.

If you search for more details elsewhere, you will not find much information as well. The company’s prices are kept undisclosed, so booking a free consultation with Purple Sales is the only way to learn how much their services will cost you.

Purple Sales Review

Purple Sales has been in the industry for not so long. Founded in 2017, the company is still growing and evolving. However, it already has a certain reputation. If you check customer testimonials and third-party reviews of Purple Sales available on the Internet, you can find many good feedbacks, as well as some bad ones.

According to the Purple Sales review on Clutch, the company has a total rating of 4.2 stars, which is not too bad, though there is plenty of space for improvement. The company doesn’t have too many reviews on Clutch. But, among those there are here, there is an equal number of good and bad testimonials. And, if you look for more information on other independent platforms, you will see that the situation with positive and negative reviews is about the same everywhere.  

At the end of our Purple Sales review, it is also worth highlighting that most of those negative feedbacks give the company a lower assessment concerning the speed of work and prices.

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