Simply Contact offers its customers a wide range of inbound and outbound contact center solutions. Namely, the company provides its customers with such services as customer care, technical support, inbound & outbound sales, surveys & questionnaires, ordering, and back office support.

Simply Contact serves the needs of businesses across the globe. The company can handle projects of any complexity, but somewhat limits the industries it serves. Namely, according to the company’s website, the key fields of expertise of its team include e-commerce, telecommunications, aviation, retail, and financial services.

Simply Contact Services

  • Outbound Call Center

One type of service offered at Simply Contact is an outbound call center. The company helps its customers shape result-driven and professional contact centers tailored to the specific needs of their project. Simply Contact helps you connect with the best agents and streamline your outbound communications at every level. Some of the tasks that your outbound call center will be able to handle include telemarketing, attracting potential customers, and conducting surveys and questionnaires.

  • Inbound Call Center

The second type of service provided by the Simply Contact team is pretty much the same as the one we explained earlier. The only difference is that it focuses on inbound communications instead of outbound ones. The company’s inbound call center service also allows businesses to build their own contact centers and delegate their day-to-day tasks to professional agents. An inbound call center team will help you boost customer experience and satisfaction by delivering top-notch technical support, ordering assistance, and hotline service available 24/7.

Simply Contact Pricing

The company’s website probably can boast of the abundance of information and details. All in all, the site does a great job of communicating the company’s services, mission, advantages, and so on. However, one thing that we didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t say a word about Simply Contact pricing.

According to the company’s profile on Clutch, its average hourly price is somewhere below $25. However, o learn more about Simply Contact pricing, you will need to inquire to the company about it. In the contact section of the website, you can find all the contact information you may need to reach out to the company’s representatives.

Simply Contact Review

Simply Contact is rather new to the market. It has been around for only 5+ years and is still gaining momentum. Its young age is probably the main reason why you won’t find hundreds of customer testimonials posted on the company’s website. Currently, there are only three. And. although each Simply Contact review of these three is highly positive, it is just not enough to form a complete opinion about the company and its services. Thus, if you want to read more reviews, you will probably need to look elsewhere.

Simply Contact has dedicated pages at a few independent reviewing platforms that post customer feedback. For example, if you check out the Simply Contact review on Clutch, you will see a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This is a great result. But, we have to highlight that the rating is calculated based on just two reviews. If you look for more testimonials, you will be able to find not only positive ones but also some negative ones too.

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