The core specialization of Timberline Total Solutions is telemarketing. The company delivers both inbound and outbound service across different industries designed to satisfy the needs of businesses from both B2B and B2C sectors. 

Timberline Total Solutions Services

  • Inbound Services

Timberline Total Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality inbound telemarketing services to help B2B and B2C businesses streamline their communications with clients and prospects. The features included in the company’s inbound services are customer care, customer service, customer acquisition, sales (product and service), inbound product or service contact center, technical support (tier 1), direct response, inquiry, warranty programs, recall notice, B2B sales lead generation, third party verification, appointment setting, scheduling, market research, surveys, product recall, up selling, and cross selling.

  • Outbound Services

Timberline Total Solutions does not only handle your inbound communications but can also help enhance your outbound telemarketing by building effective campaigns and ensuring that you are reaching the right people with the right message. This service aims to build up brand loyalty and improve the quality of interaction between your brand and your customers. The Timberline Total Solutions outbound services include such features as product and service sales, market research, surveys, product registration, customer acquisition, retention service, customer service, B2B email lead generation, catalog, subscription service, verification, welcome calls, customer wen-back, renewals, reactivation programs, appointment setting, direct marketing follow through, political, background screens, employment verification, and product recall.

  • Creative Services

Apart from the inbound and outbound contact solutions, the company also offers one more group of services - creative contact services. Just like other services provided at Timberline Total Solutions, the company’s creative services are designed to help businesses enhance the ways of interaction and communication with their clients. This group of services includes such features as chat support, web collaboration, email management, monitoring services, retention service, customer service, all types of back-office functions, custom IVR, interactive voice response, and web call back.

Timberline Total Solutions Pricing

If you are wondering how much it will cost you to use the services of this company, you can feel disappointed about not finding any information regarding Timberline Total Solutions pricing.

If you want to get more details about Timberline Total Solutions pricing, you need to request a quote. When you click on the “Get A Quote Now” button, you will be asked to fill out a rather long contact form, shortly after which one of the company’s representatives should get in touch with you and answer all your questions.

Timberline Total Solutions Review

The company’s website really lacks information. This is seen in multiple manifestations, including the fact that there is not even a single Timberline Total Solutions review presented on the website.

Since it is impossible to find out what people say about the company from its website, to find at least some Timberline Total Solutions review, you need to search outside the site. there are not too many testimonials about this company on the Internet, which is strange given that it has been around for so long. And those reviews that are out there are pretty unpleasant. Based on those few testimonials posted on Google alone, the company has a 1.8-star rating. This is a bad result, even despite the fact that some of the reviews are positive.

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