The company took its first steps in 2004. For over 15 years, Xplore Tech has been serving its customers’ needs and helping them achieve higher goals faster and easier. It grew from a small company located in Kolkata, India into a large and reputable BPO service provider with 16 delivery centers scattered all over the world, including centers in the USA, Canada, Philippines, India, El Salvador, Jamaica, and Albania.

XploreTech provides its services to customers from all over the world. The company can meet the needs of businesses of different scales. But, it mostly focuses on serving such industries as financial services, healthcare, telecom, travel, and e-commerce.

Xplore-Tech Services

  • BPO/Call Center

BPO and Call Center services are the core focus of Xplore-Tech. The company offers its customers a variety of solutions, including inbound and outbound call center, back office, and bespoke campaigns that can help businesses delegate a huge number of daily tasks to professionals, freeing the time of their in-house teams. Some of the features the Xplore-Tech’s BPO and Call Center services consist of include lead generation, answering services, customer support, telemarketing, help desk solutions, order taking, transcription, appointment setting, customer surveys, and much more.

  • Apps Development

Xplore-Tech also helps businesses delegate their app development tasks to real experts with years of experience. The company promises to develop custom applications that go in line with your unique needs and requirements, and, at the same time, speed up the time of release.

  • Digital Media Marketing

Xplore-Tech also offers its customers a number of digital media marketing solutions aimed at helping them attract and engage their prospects. The services you can get include website design and redesign, content development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click campaign (PPC), social media marketing, and online reputation management.

  • Tech Support

The last type of service offered by Xplore-Tech is tech support. The company offers businesses its help with streamlining their operations and preventing possible tech issues. The company’s experts specialize in a wide array of issues, including system restore, browser support, software issues, computer maintenance, firewall issues, data backup, network solution, and much more. With this service, businesses can ensure trouble proof functioning under any circumstances.

Xplore-Tech Pricing

What about the Xplore-Tech pricing? According to the company’s review on Clutch, the average rate is < $25 per hour. However, that's about it. That's the only information you will be able to find about the prices for Xplore-Tech services.

The company itself doesn’t disclose any details about the pricing policy, available plans, or other fees. They suggest all new customers request a quote directly from the company’s representatives to get more information about the Xplore-Tech pricing and services.

Xplore-Tech Review

If you are looking for an Xplore-Tech review or some customer testimonials, you will have to look outside the website. On the Xplore-Tech’s site, there is no testimonials page, which is pretty odd given the company’s vast experience in the industry.

Luckily, if you search for an Xplore-Tech review on the web, you will be able to find some reviews, though not too many. The company’s page on Clutch has the highest rating - 5 out of 5 stars. However, there is only one customer feedback. If you search on other platforms, you will find a few more reviews here and there. In general, there is almost an equal share of negative and positive reviews. Apparently, all the customers, past and existing, that have used the Xplore-Tech’s services over the last 15+ years have split into two groups - those who are happy with the results, and those who do not willing to refer this company to others.

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