Exela Services

  • Business Intelligence, Information Governance, and Data Management

Exela helps businesses handle their data the right way. The company provides a range of services and solutions created to help you master the storage, organization, and effective use of your data for ensuring business success.

  • Claims Processing & Adjudication

Another solution offered by Exela is designed specifically for the health insurance sector. The company offers its clients to adopt smarter and more effective ways to manage health insurance claims by providing them with automated data capture and routing, omnichannel claims ingestion, medical lockbox, e-payment integration, and many other services.

  • Facilities & Logistics

Exela Smart Office is an office automation solution powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This type of service is designed to help businesses optimize and automate day-to-day workflows, provide a new level of control over their facilities, enhance the quality of insight, and enhance the experiences of both employees and visitors.

  • Finance and Accounting Solutions

Exela supplies businesses with advanced software, applications, web platforms, and machine learning systems that have the power to boost the effectiveness and success of your finance department. This service is designed to help businesses optimize their finance and accounting operations, enhance risk mitigation strategies, improve data collection, analysis, and reporting, etc.

  • Human Resources

One more service offered by Exela is human resources. This solution helps businesses acquire and develop top talent. With the company’s HR solution, businesses can improve their applicant tracking, employee onboarding, grievance management, learning & development, and performance management processes.

  • Business Solutions for the Legal Industry

The team of Exela has a separate suite of solutions meant exclusively for the clients engaged in the legal industry. The suite includes a wide range of services and solutions, including document digitalization, data management, business intelligence, e-discovery, business continuity & disaster recovery, settlement & remediation, litigation intelligence & support, records management, digital mailroom, mail services, and workplace management.

  • Marketing Solutions

Exela helps its clients make the most of their marketing efforts by delivering effective and well-tailored solutions for boosting customer engagement and driving sales. The company provides a number of marketing services, including content management, experience management, marketing automation, transactional print & mail, and secure messaging & mass notifications.

  • Back Office and Operations Solutions

The team of Exela can help your business bring efficiency, productivity, and collaboration in the back office to ensure overall success. The features included in this type of service are disaster recovery & business continuity, business process automation, case management, claims processing & adjudication, collaborative project management, contactless entry & exit, document digitalization, records management, and release of information.

  • Customer Support and Customer Experience Management

Finally, Exela supports business success by providing its customers with top-notch customer support and customer experience management services. This group of services includes such features as issue tracking, effective help desk services, and customer support.

Exela Pricing

Based on what you can find out from the company’s site, Exela pricing is supposed to be competitive and reasonable. However, these are just words and you will not find any specific details such as fixed rates or price range to confirm this statement.

The only way to get answers to your questions and understand Exela pricing is to contact the company directly. If you do, one of the company’s reps will gladly provide you with additional details and answers you are looking for.

Exela Review

When it comes to searching for customer reviews, we have to note that Exela’s reputation is a bit uncertain. The first thing you need to know is that there is not even one Exela review on the company’s site itself. However, there are a few case studies.

Since there is no Testimonials page, you will have to look for an Exela review on independent resources. One of such is Clutch. Here, the company has a total rating of 4.5 stars, though it is calculated based on just one review.

The company’s rating in Google though is slightly lower - 3.9 stars out of 5. It is still not a very bad indicator, but we have to admit that customer testimonials vary, so there are both negative and positive reviews.

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