About Out2Bound

Out2Bound is a trusted provider of sales development services located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2016, the company has been delivering lead generation, appointment setting, outsourcing, tech sales training, and many other services to help its client ensure success. Who can benefit from using Out2Bound services? The company offers solutions tailored to the needs of B2B businesses. It can support the sales operations of different types of companies, including enterprises, SMES, and even startups. As for the industry expertise, the team of Out2Bound can boast vast experience in sales across 30+ industries. Thus, the team of Out2Bound can help your business scale and achieve success regardless of your niche or company type.

Out2Bound Services

  • B2B Lead Generation

One of the main services offered by Out2Bound is lead generation for B2B business. This service is designed to help businesses grow their sales pipelines and drive more deals for maximum revenue. Some of the tasks the specialists from Out2Bound can perform for you include industry research and analysis, identifying your ideal buying persona, reaching out to well-targeted customers, lead generation, and also appointment setting.

  • LinkedIn Sales

Another service available at Out2Bound is LinkedIn Sales. The company’s specialists will help your business make the most of LinkedIn by using it for prospecting and selling your products or services. Out2Bound will develop a custom outbound sales program for this social network and implement it, ensuring the best results.

  • Qualification of Inbound Leads

Out2Bound assists businesses with leads scoring and qualification to save the time of your in-house team and let your sales reps focus on closing deals with leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

  • Qualification and Presenting Demos

Apart from standard lead qualification, the team of Out2Bound also offers an advanced qualification process with a demo presentation of your service or product included. This service is designed for businesses whose products or services are complex and, thus, need to be demonstrated to prospective customers.

  • Negotiation & Closing

Out2Bound can provide you with a dedicated and qualified Account Manager who will help you close the full sales cycle. This service is designed to help you move your leads forward in the funnel with ease, saving the time of your in-house team.

  • Sales Consulting

The team of Out2Bound has extensive expertise in everything related to sales and is ready to share its experience with you. The company offers effective sales consulting services for businesses that want to restructure or scale their teams, as well as for those who are not sure whether to outsource a sales team or build their own team.

  • Building Dedicated SDR Teams

Finally, one more type of service available to Out2Bound clients is effective SDR outsourcing. The company helps businesses find the right talents to get an extra hand for their sales. In the framework of this service, Out2Bound will help you recruit and train the right specialists to create your own dedicated SDR team that will act as an extension to your business.

Out2Bound Pricing

Throughout the entire website, there is only one mention of Out2Bound pricing. If you go to the “Why Out2Bound” page, one of the company’s benefits listed here is the cost-effectiveness of its solutions. But, apart from that, there is no further information on how the prices are formed or what is the starting cost.

According to the company overview posted on Clutch, the average range of Out2Bound pricing is within $50-$99 per hour. However, since this is approximate information, you will need to contact the company’s team directly in order to get more details.

Out2Bound Review

Although Out2Bound can’t be called an industry oldtimer, the company really seems to have a flawless online reputation. If you are in search of an Out2Bound review, you can start by checking the home page of the company’s website. Closer to the bottom, there is a small section about the company’s customers, where you can check out a few testimonials.

If you take your search for an Out2Bound review to the next level and look up the company on the web, it won’t take long to find customer testimonials. You can check out reviews about the company on Facebook or independent platforms like Clutch.

One thing worth noting is that Out2Bound has the highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars on most resources that come along your way (including Clutch and Facebook). This can make you feel like the company ensures 100% customer satisfaction at all times. However, there still are people who are not so satisfied. Negative reviews are much harder to find, but they are there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Can you guarantee the number of appointments you set?

Being an acquisition partner and providing guarantees is one of our competitive advantages. Before you sign up, we will tell you how many appointments we can schedule per month in your industry and calculate the estimated cost per appointment.

What happens if you don’t fulfill the commitment?

Our average conversion from a Lead to an Appointment is at 1-2%, based on 5,000 different campaigns for 20 industries and 250 clients. We know that 500 leads translates into 5-10 appointments booked. If we don’t hit the target over the course of 4 weeks, we work at no cost for you, generating more leads, starting more conversations with prospects until we get the job done.

What’s the average appointment acquisition cost?

Typically, our clients report it to be from $200 to $400. However, this number can be lower or higher, depending on your target audience and the value proposition. You can talk to one of our experts and receive a quote tailored specifically to your business.

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