Oworkers Services

  • Data Entry/Data Processing

Oworkers offers businesses of all shapes and kinds professional data entry and data processing services. The company’s teal has multilingual capabilities, which means that clients can request data entry services in 20+ languages. The types of data that Oworkers can handle include product catalogs, various forms for different industries, invoices, orders, civil records, books, and other texts.

  • Data Annotation

Another service offered at Oworkers is data annotation. Just like in the cased with data entry & processing services, data annotation can be done in 20+ languages. The types of data and annotations the company can handle for you include images, videos, text, and audio.

  • Content Moderation

Lastly, at Oworkers, businesses can request cost-efficient content moderation services in 20+ languages and with 24/7 coverage. This type of service covers a variety of moderation types, including online media moderation, social media moderation, community moderation, and UGC moderation. Also, it covers all types of content, including audio files, texts, comments, videos, images, and profiles (i.e. user names).

Oworkers Pricing

When it comes to Oworkers pricing, not much is being said about it on the company’s website. All you will find are claims of cost-efficiency and affordability of the company’s services. This is quite natural because most outsourcing services providers don’t have fixed-fee plans. But, it is still unfortunate that potential customers can’t find out more about the company’s rates without scheduling a call.

If you are still interested in getting more details on Oworkers pricing, click on the Quick Quote button at the upper right corner of the screen and fill out a short contact form. One of the company’s reps should get back to you in a few hours to answer your questions and help you calculate an approximate price based on the type of services you are looking for.

Oworkers Review

If you are wondering what customers think of this company, we recommend not to waste time on the company’s site and jump to searching for an unbiased Oworkers review on the Internet right away.

On the web, you can find an Oworkers review on a number of reviewing platforms, including Clutch where it has the highest rating of 5.0 stars. The company also has the highest rating of 5/5 on Facebook. However, both resources contain only a few reviews, so the rating isn’t very objective.

If you decide to look further, you can find 20+ reviews on Google. The overall rating of Oworkers based on Google users’ reviews is 4.8. The rating is still pretty high, but don’t think that all company reviews are 100% positive. There are also some clients who remained not so satisfied with the company’s services.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.