Solvo Global Services

  • Backoffice

Solvo Global can help businesses manage their business lead generation processes and improve them. The company offers high-quality back-office services that are designed to streamline business operations and boost KPIs.

  • HR Services

The company offers businesses professional HR services that can help them build effective teams and manage them with ease. The expert agents from Solvo Global can take care of such issues as new hires and terminations, recruiting, payroll, workers compensation, claims intake, compliance, HR risk management, and others. Also, the company offers training and development for staff to share effective motivation techniques and help your staff become even more confident and competent in their roles.

  • Accounting Services

The team of Solvo Global can undertake all accounting matters to help your business improve operations and scale. The company’s accounting services are fully customizable to meet every client’s needs. Some of the core features available for businesses in terms of accounting services are account assistance, estimating, payroll, bank reconciliation, payroll taxes, and invoicing.

  • Sales

Solvo Global’s sales specialists can become an extension to your internal team in order to enhance existing operations and maximize the outcomes. The core sales services offered by the company include lead generation, demo assistance, a virtual assistant (chat support and demo preparation), and appointment setting. Apart from this, the team of Solvo Global conducts regular market research to help businesses find their prospects and reach out to them.

  • Logistics

Solvo Global can help you handle your logistics with less stress. The company can quickly adapt to any industry and provide effective tracking and tracing, dispatching, and invoicing services. 

  • Front Office

The company’s front office solution is designed to help businesses lighten their workloads and handle their admin tasks. In the framework of Solvo Global’s front office solution, you can get two types of services - customer support and a dedicated office assistant.

Solvo Global Pricing

When it comes to Solvo Global pricing, there is no specific information on the website. The company promises that partnering with its team helps businesses save money on staffing. But, apart from this, there is no additional information that would explain how much the services of Solvo Global cost. To get specific details, potential customers must get in touch with the team of Solvo Global directly.

According to the company’s page on Clutch, the average hourly Solvo Global pricing is below $25. However, some customers give the company less than 5 stars in terms of cost, so we can assume that not every client remains satisfied with the cost of Solvo Global services.

Solvo Global Review

If you decide to find out what people think of the company and its services, you won’t find even one Solvo Global review on the site. But, you can find some reviews on the web.

When our team started looking for an unbiased Solvo Global review outside the company’s site, the first resource we came across was Clutch. Here, users can find a brief overview of Solvo Global and customer testimonials. The overall rating of the company on Clutch is 5.0 stars - the highest rating. However, it is only based on 4 reviews, so we had to look for more reviews.

If you look up Solvo Global on Google, you will find more testimonials. The company’s rating on Google is 4.5 and there are 25 reviews. Though the overall rating is pretty high, the opinions about the company vary. There are users who enjoyed working with the company and remained 100% satisfied. But, there are also quite many neutral and even negative customer reviews.

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Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.