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The Connection Services

  • Call Center Outsourcing

The company’s main focus is to provide businesses with dedicated, well-trained agents who will take care of all their customer interactions. With The Connection, businesses can outsource both inbound and outbound call center tasks to save the time of their in-house teams and ensure success.

  • Virtual Receptionist Services

The Connection can also provide you with cost-effective virtual receptionist services. With this service, you can outsource reliable remote front office staff that will handle and route your calls just as well as if they were doing this right at your front desk.

  • Omni-Channel Services

The Connection enables you to deliver top-notch customer care through a variety of channels. This service is designed to help you stay in touch with your customers in channels that they prefer and, thus, create better customer experiences.

  • Call Center Training

If you are not looking to hire a remote call center team, you can leverage the experience and knowledge of The Connection to boost the performance of your in-house team. The company offers effective training programs for call center managers, supervisors, agents, and other roles.

  • Call Center Consulting

With the all-rounded call center consulting by The Connection, your business can optimize operations, enhance performance, and improve the effectiveness of your staff.

  • Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

One more kind of service you can get from The Connection is LMS. The company delivers custom branded LMS solutions that enable you to deliver high-quality training to your teams at any time and from anywhere, meanwhile having a possibility to trach the performance of your learners.

The Connection Pricing

What about The Connection pricing? Unfortunately, not much information concerning this matter is provided at the connection com. All that is there are lots of promises and general phrases that claim company’s prices to be affordable and suitable for all kinds of budgets. However, there is no pricing page or any details on what packages (or price ranges) are there.

The only way to discover The Connection pricing is to request a quote directly from the company. This is free of charge. You just need to click the Request a Quote button in the Contact Us section in the upper menu. Then, you will need to fill out a short contact form with your personal details and wait for someone from The Connection to get back to you.

The Connection Review

Though there is no separate page with testimonials on the company’s site, you can find a few reviews right on the site’s home page. Apart from this, there is a number of case studies that are based on real customers’ experiences. You can check them out to learn what The Connection does and how it can help you as a potential client.

The Connection review on Clutch has given the company a fairly high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. There are only a couple of customer testimonials posted here. Both are almost 100% positive.

If you search for more assessments from customers, you can also find The Connection review on Google. There are not too many testimonials as well. Though the rating is significantly lower - 3,3 stars. As you can guess, these few testimonials posted on Google are rather unflattering.

Based on everything mentioned so far, we can conclude that the company receives about the same amount of negative and positive reviews. There are loyal and satisfied clients who recommend using The Connection and come back to it themselves. But, at the same time, there are also clients whose needs and expectations the company failed to meet.

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