Abby Connect Receptionists Services

  • Dedicated Receptionist Team

Abby Connect Receptionists will help you shape a dream-team of the best agents who will become a dedicated extension to your in-house team and will take care of all receptionist tasks to free up your team’s time, meanwhile ensuring the best results.

  • Custom Answering Hours

The agents from Abby Connect Receptionists are available 24/7 all year round. This enables businesses to tailor the services they request from Abby Connect to their unique needs.

  • Customized Client Intake

Abby Connect Receptionists does not only handle all your interactions but also ensures an effective client intake. That is, the company’s callers will not only answer calls but also help you qualify and prioritize your callers.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Abby Connect Receptionists can ensure that your calendar is always full of valuable appointments. The company’s team can handle appointment scheduling to let you focus on closing deals, not worrying about appointment setting.

  • Call Announcement & Transfer

With the services from Abby Connect Receptionists, you can decide which calls you to want to take and which ones you’d rather leave to your outsourced agents. The agents will screen and announce every call to transfer the most important ones straight to your in-house specialists.

  • Bilingual Receptionists

Got Spanish-speaking customers? Abby Connect Receptionists can take care of them as well. The company employs bilingual receptionists who can deliver excellent customer service both in English and Spanish languages.

Abby Connect Receptionists Pricing

Unlike many of its competitors, this company seems to be much more transparent. You can find quite a lot of information about Abby Connect Receptionists pricing on the company’s website. First of all, there is a Pricing & Features page that shares with us the prices for different plans. According to this page, the prices range from $279 to $1089 depending on the number of minutes you need per month.

One more thing you can learn from the site is that Abby Connect Receptionists pricing policy implies a 14-day free trial for every new customer and that’s great news. Thus, apart from knowing how much the company will charge you for a specific number of minutes, we also know that you are eligible for a free trial that will let you check out the service for 14 days and decide if it suits your needs. And the best part of it is that Abby Connect Receptionists doesn’t require you to share credit card details to start a free trial. Thus, you can always opt-out if you don’t like it.

Abby Connect Receptionists Review

There are a couple of reviews posted on the home page at Abby com (the company’s website). As it usually happens, each Abby Connect Receptionists review here is left by a fully satisfied customer, which means we can’t take them for granted. It is always a good idea to look outside the site to find more honest opinions.

One more place to look for an Abby Connect Receptionists review is Clutch - an independent platform that creates corporate profiles for companies across different industries and collects real customer reviews about each company. The overall rating Abby Connect Receptionists has here is 4.8 stars. We have to say that the result isn’t bad. The rating is based on almost 40 reviews, most of which are positive.

However, despite a high rating on Clutch, the company’s overall online reputation is not all that flawless. When you dig deeper, you can find quite many negative testimonials that serve as a counterweight to the positive reviews.

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