Answering legal Services

  • 24/7 Live Answering

Answering Legal has a large team of agents who stay at your service around the clock and ensure that none of your customers and prospecting lists ever get thrown into the voicemail instead of reaching a real agent.

  • Live Call Transferring

Have calls that need to be handled with special care and by the right specialist? Then let the team of Answering Legal do the screening of all your calls and transfer the most important calls directly to you.

  • Overflow Call Handling

Answering Legal has a convenient feature that allows the call to ring on your phone first and only then get transferred to an outsourced agent if you don’t have time to take it or all your lines are occupied. This type of service is especially handy during overflow hours.

  • Message Taking

Answering Legal does not only answer your calls but can also take messages for you. Using this service, you can get all the necessary information to get back to your callers and deliver high-quality customer service.

  • Lead Capturing

The trained agents from Answering Legal will make sure that your company never misses a call from a new customer. They will take care of lead capturing and let you focus on sales.

  • Full Legal Intake

Answering Legal offers businesses to get a customizable solution for a full legal intake to make your prospects feel like they are already hiring you even if it’s their first call.

  • Bilingual Receptionists

Answering Legal can take care of your Spanish-speaking customers with the help of their bilingual receptionist services. The service is also available 24/7 and ensures that every call is being answered and handled with care.

  • Appointment Scheduling

When taking your calls, agents from Answering Legal can also handle appointment setting and schedule appointments right away and make sure they are added to your calendar.

  • Customizable Setup

All the services offered by Answering Legal are fully customizable. Thus, you are free to make any changes whenever you see fit.

Answering legal Pricing

If you want to get an idea of Answering Legal pricing, you can find all the necessary information on the company’s website. There is a whole page dedicated to prices and plans. The page becomes available after you provide basic contact information such as your full name, company name, email address, and phone number.

The first thing you need to know is that there is a free 7-day trial. Answering Legal provides 200 free minutes to every law firm that signs up. Apart from the free trial, there are four Answering Legal pricing plans you can choose from:

  1. Solo - 50 minutes included; $3.00 per minute; no overage protection
  2. Medium - 100 minutes included; $2.70 per minute; 25% overage protection
  3. Large - 200 minutes included; $2.35 per minute; 20% overage protection
  4. Custom - fully customized to your specific needs, wishes, and objectives

Every plan, regardless of the size and price, includes such features as B2B sale lead capturing, overflow call handling, customizable setup, full legal intake, live call transferring, bilingual receptionists, message taking, 24/7 live answering, 24-hour live support.

Answering legal Review

You don’t need to go too far to check out some customer reviews about Answering Legal. Wherever you go on the company’s website, there will be a block with testimonials that you can read. However, knowing that reviews posted right on the corporate website are not always completely honest, we decided to dig deeper and search for more Answering Legal reviews on the web.

First, we checked out the Answering Legal review on Clutch, where the company has a 5.0-star rating. Although the rating is high, there are only 18 reviews here, which is not too much. So, although each testimonial is positive, it will not give you a complete picture.

For more reviews, we turned to Google. Here we discovered nearly 400 customer testimonials and an overall rating of 4.8 stars. All in all, the company’s rating on Google is also pretty high. However, we can’t hide the fact that not every Answering Legal review here is 100% positive. Answering Legal also receives negative feedback from time to time.

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