Atento Services

  • Sales

Atento offers its customers a full-scope sales solution that helps to automate and simplify the sales process, meanwhile streamlining the lead capture and conversion processes. The company’s team brings together the most efficient sales strategies with Data Science tools to help you general more sales through both digital and traditional channels.

  • Customer Care

The company also provides a number of customer care services designed to help businesses make their customers’ journeys as pleasant as possible. Atento agents can deliver customer care through your preferred interaction tools and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

  • Collections

Atento also offers businesses effective collections services. The company’s experts can manage all credit recovery negotiations, meanwhile ensuring higher recovery rates and cutting down on recovery costs. The biggest benefit of this collections management solution, according to Atento, is that the company takes a unique approach to collections management that focuses on customer loyalty and further reactivation.

  • Back Office

Atento delivers a range of Back Office solutions designed to help its customers streamline and automate a variety of business processes. The catalog of Back Office solutions you can find here includes such services as legal confidentiality automation, legal BPO, banking accounts, credit origination (payroll loans, mortgage, and cards), Back Office automation, and RPA factory.

Atento Pricing

The company’s website doesn’t reveal any information concerning Atento pricing.

If you are interested in the company’s services and would like to learn more, the only way to get a comprehensive overview of Atento pricing is to contact the company’s sales representatives. To do this, you will need to go to the Contact section on the site. Unfortunately, Atento does not offer many contact methods, which is rather inconvenient. An only available way is a contact form.

It is also worth noting that the contact form for sales inquiries is quite big, so it can take some time to fill it out. In order to get in touch with Atento sales reps, users need to provide not only their full names and contact details but also give some info about their companies and answer a number of additional questions.

Atento Review

If you are wondering what others think of this service provider, you will not find a single Atento review on the company’s website.

Moreover, despite the company’s long existence on the market and the fact that it is listed among the industry leaders, when you try to find a comprehensive Atento review on the web, you will just waste your time. Oddly enough, the company does not have much feedback from former and current customers.

The company has dedicated pages on a number of independent reviewing platforms like Clutch, but they either don’t have even one review or only have a couple. However, if you do deep research, you will be able to discover at least some testimonials. The amount of positive and negative feedback is pretty much equal, so it is hard to assess the trustworthiness of the company.

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