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The primary and only type of service available at Back Office Betties is the legal receptionist service. This service provides law firms with a reliable partner who can help them grow and ensure success. The team of trained legal agents from Back Office Betties can become a real extension to your in-house team and ensure a stable and seamless workflow. These specialists will act behind the scenes helping your team to take care of callers, complete client intake, screen calls, forward callers, take messages, and perform other tasks that will save the time of your attorneys and let them focus on things that matter most.

Back Office Betties Pricing

If you are interested in Back Office Betties pricing, all the information you need can be found on their website. That’s one thing we really liked about Back Office Betties. The fact that they make their rates publicly visible on the company’s website shows their transparency. This is great as it saves lots of time for potential customers.

There are two types of Back Office Betties pricing plans - for virtual receptionist and for web chat services.  

There are four virtual receptionist plans ranging from $299 to $1299 charged monthly. The lowest-priced plan will give you 100 minutes per month, whereas the most expensive, platinum plan gives you an unlimited number of minutes.

As for web chat plans, Back Office Betties also offers a few options here. Altogether, there are 5 plans tailored to different business needs. The rates start from $90/mo and go up to $500/mo. The difference between these plans is measured in the number of chats available each month (from 10 to 100).

Also, Back Office Betties offers a free trial for new clients that will give you one full week to test the offered services.

Back Office Betties Review

If you are wondering whether this company really suits your needs, it is a good idea to check out at least one objective Back Office Betties review. There are a few testimonials posted on the company’s website. However, to find truly honest reviews, we advise looking beyond the website.

We have to say that the company is taking decent care of its online reputation. Almost every Back Office Betties review you will come across on the web is 100% positive and awards the company with a 5-star rating. Back Office Betties has the same high rating on Clutch and Google, which can seem impressive. But, in fact, there are some not-so-pleasant reviews as well. They are way harder to find. But they are still there.

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