Concentrix Services

  • Analytics & Consulting

The team of Concentrix uses the best data practices to help businesses gain valuable customer and market insights that can help them boost customer engagement and attain their business goals.

  • Customer Engagement Services

Expert agents from Concentrix can also help you find points of contact with your existing and potential customers in order to stimulate their engagement and build up brand loyalty.

  • Digital Self-Service and Cloud

In the framework of its Digital Self-Service and Cloud solution, Concentrix offers such services as conversational AI, business messaging, omnichannel engagement, journey orchestration, and cloud contact center.

  • Experience Design & Mobility

Concentrix offers businesses smart and innovative Experience Design & Mobility services to help them create better digital experiences that customers will love.

  • Finance & Accounting

Concentrix has developed a smart consultative approach that uses best practices, data, machine learning, technological interventions, and RPA (robotic process automation) to help its customers refine finance functions and get the most benefit from their investments.

  • Gig Services

Concentrix offers its clients to leverage an innovative Solv platform that enables them to access on-demand talent from all across the globe to enhance the quality of customer support, meanwhile reducing the cost-to-service.

  • Innovation, Automation & Optimization

Concentrix helps its customer adapt to today’s dynamic business environment by bringing in automation, innovation, and optimization that strive to maximize your teams’ potential. 

  • Insurance Solutions

The company delivers a smart solution that allows servicing annuity, life, and health policies all on a single CX-focused platform. This solution was developed to help you simplify insurance administration and service delivery.

  • Marketing Solutions

The team of Concentrix can help you take your marketing to the next level. The company combines technology, valuable insights, and data to help you reach customers in the most efficient way.

  • Technology & Systems Integration

The next group of solutions offered by Concentrix is called Technology & Systems Integration and is designed to help you streamline the workflow, accelerate value and speed-to-market, and drive your business forward. This includes such services as systems integration, process optimization, enabled operations, IT services, and mobile network solutions.

  • Voice of the Customer

Concentrix offers businesses to benefit from its Voice of the Customer platform that helps improve the brand’s image by tailoring customer experiences. The platform is designed to turn neutral experiences into positive ones with the help of efficient experience management services.

  • Work At Home

Concentrix offers to supply you with the right number of experienced agents that will ensure the continuity of your business whenever you need it. The Work At Home feature enables you to react to any unplanned events, support volume surges, and meet seasonal demands by adding the needed number of home agents to your company.

Concentrix Pricing

If you are concerned about Concentrix pricing, you need to contact the company’s team directly. Though it can feel rather inconvenient for potential clients, the team of Concentrix has decided to keep its rates undisclosed.

To get in touch with the sales reps, you can either submit a contact form (which only asks you to specify what you are interested in) or use the phone number provided on the Contact page.

However, according to the clients’ reviews posted on the independent reviewing platforms (and Clutch, in particular,), the average Concentrix pricing is somewhere between $50 to $99 per hour.

Concentrix Review

The site doesn’t feature a Concentrix review page. Although it is surprising given that the company has been around for long enough and seems to have a solid reputation, you need to look outside the company’s website to find testimonials.

The company’s rating on Clutch is only 3.0 stars. Though it is calculated based on only one Concentrix review, the client’s feedback highlights that despite the company’s professionalism, its team failed to meet the expectations.

If you look for more reviews on other platforms, you can find quite a few negative and neutral testimonials. However, there are some positive reviews as well.

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