Conduent Services

  • Business Process Solutions

One of the core services offered by Conduent is business process outsourcing. The company helps its clients find just the right outsourced talents to cover a variety of business processes, including HR, document management, accounting, finance, legal, etc.

  • Customer Experience Management

One more solution businesses can find at Conduent is Customer Experience Management. This service includes a number of features, such as customer contact services, work-at-home solutions, and multichannel communications, all designed to help you deliver a better experience to every customer.

  • Healthcare Solutions

For all Healthcare businesses out there, Conduent offers a range of smart solutions that will help you streamline your operations and remove obstacles from your way. The solutions for the Healthcare sector include payer solutions, provider solutions, pharma and life sciences solutions, and government health services.

  • Payment and Eligibility Solutions​

Conduent helps its customers digitally transform. In the framework of its Payment and Eligibility Solutions, the company delivers such services as eligibility and enrollment, child support solutions, payment services, as well as federal and state services.

  • Transportation Solutions

Finally, Conduent also offers transportation management services and technologies that help optimize a variety of transportation matters, including transit, public safety, road usage charging, curbside management solutions.

Conduent Pricing

Unfortunately for new customers, there is not much information about Conduent pricing. It is unclear whether the company offers any fixed plans or uses a different pricing model. in order to learn these and other details, you need to inquire the company’s sales team directly. To do this, go to the Contact page on the site and choose a suitable contact method - via phone or contact form.

After conducting in-depth research, the only thing we managed to find concerning Conduent pricing is that the average hourly rate should be under $25. However, this information may be inaccurate because, apparently, Conduent calculates the prices for its services individually based on each client’s needs.

Conduent Review

If you are looking for at least some Conduent review left by a real customer on the company’s website, stop looking. For some reason, the company does not share customer testimonials on the site. However, you should have better luck if look for testimonials outside the website.

In fact, there is quite a lot of information about this company on the web. Therefore, finding an objective Conduent review shouldn’t be too hard. However, the ratings aren’t too favorable to Conduent. According to Google, customers rate Conduent at 3.6 stars. On the one hand, this rating is not too bad for a new company. But, on the other hand, the result is so average because there is an equal share of negative and positive reviews, which means that Conduent fails to meet the needs of some of its customers.

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