DialAmerica Services

  • Sales & Marketing

The expert agents from DialAmerica can help you make the most of your marketing efforts by delivering effective sales and marketing services. The company can help you create and manage effective telemarketing campaigns and help deal with a range of marketing tasks, including customer acquisition, customer retention, b2b lead generation, appointment setting, and direct mail fulfillment.

  • Customer Service

Another thing DialAmerica can do for businesses is to help them ensure their customers remain happy and receive high-quality customer service at all times. Call center agents from DialAmerica provide expert customer service, along with high-quality technical support and member services.

  • Healthcare

Lastly, DialAmerica has a list of solutions developed specifically for businesses within the healthcare industry. The list of services includes pre-enrollment services, enrollment services, member & provider services, outbound services, data entry & fulfillment services, and technology support.

DialAmerica Pricing

What about DialAmerica pricing? Neither on the company’s own website nor anywhere else on the web you will not find the answer to this question. The company sticks to the non-disclosure policy in terms of pricing. We have to say that it is a rather typical situation for call center companies. However, not being able to get at least some details concerning the price to decide whether it suits you or not is still disappointing.

It is also worth noting that many of the negative and neutral reviews about DialAmerica highlight give the company from 3 to 4 stars in terms of cost. This makes us believe that either DialAmerica pricing is not as affordable as many customers would wish, or maybe the company provides a bad value for money.

DialAmerica Review

Given the fact that DialAmerica can boast of over a half-century of experience on the market, it becomes clear that it does have a solid reputation. In general, the company is known as one of the leaders in the industry and one of the nation's largest teleservices providers among privately-owned companies. Thus, when you search for a DialAmerica review, you expect to find 100% positive feedback. However, the real situation isn’t so perfect.

First of all, we have to note that there is not even one DialAmerica review posted on the corporate website. This is disappointing, but a huge number of testimonials posted elsewhere on the web compensate for this drawback.

As for the reviews you can find outside the DialAmerica site, there are many of them. The company has an average rating of 4.5 stars, so there are not only positive testimonials but also some negative and neutral ones.

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