Firstsource Services

  • Digitally Empowered Contact Centre

Firstsource offers businesses to leverage a digitally-empowered contact center with expert agents who will act as an extension to their teams. This service was designed to help you ensure excellent customer journeys and deliver omnichannel support that foes in line with your business values and vision.

  • Healthcare Claims Administration

This next service was designed specifically for the businesses that operate in the healthcare niche. Firstsource offers its customers all-around support blended with the best-practice workflows and technology to help them manage claims the right way and, thus, deliver a better customer experience and enhance revenue.

  • Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

The Hospital Revenue Cycle Management is a service developed for top hospitals and providers. In the framework of this service, Firstsource will supply you with a complete suite of products for the revenue cycle to help you streamline and improve management, boost the patient experience, and grow revenue.

  • Underwriting Services

Firstsource also offers its customers a range of mortgage BPO services designed for mortgage insurance companies, services, and originators with the goal to help them simplify business processes, boost productivity, deliver better customer experiences, and get higher revenue.

  • Finance & Accounting

The company offers smart solutions to businesses that are looking to transform their commercial finance operational performance. This service encompasses the best workflow, automation, and analytics practices of Finance & Accounting for improved performance.

  • Collections & Recoveries

Firstsource provides a number of collection and recovery solutions, including debt collection, litigation services, data management and analytics, compliance management, and more.

  • Consulting

Finally, Firstsource offers its clients high-quality consulting services in a number of areas, such as customer intelligence & analytics, intelligent automation, workflow management / sympraxis, and revenue growth models.

Firstsource Pricing

There is no information about Firstsource pricing plans or fees on the company’s site.

According to the company’s overview on Clutch, the average Firstsource pricing per hour is under $25. However, since the company itself doesn’t disclose its rates, we can assume that this information is rather subjective.

The only way to get more information is to request a quote directly from Firstsource’s sales representatives. To submit an inquiry, click on the Let’s Talk button located in the upper right corner of the website. This will take you to a short contact form in which you will need to provide such info as your first and last names, business email, and a phone number. After you submit the form, you will be contacted by one of the company’s sales reps, who will provide you with additional information about the services and help you calculate the final price for the service of your interest based on your needs and objectives.

Firstsource Review

For some reason, finding at least one Firstsource review turned out to be a real challenge. Not only the company doesn’t share any customer testimonials on its website, but there are also no reviews even outside the site. With slightly over 20 years on the market, you would think that Firstsource should have at least some online reputation. But it doesn’t and it can feel rather overwhelming.

Although we couldn’t find any comprehensive Firstsource review left by a customer, we did find quite many testimonials left by former employees of the company. The company has pages on such platforms as Indeed, Glassdoor, and similar where former and current employees can share their experiences of working in a specific company. The rating Firstsource has on these platforms is average. Although there are some positive reviews, many employees rate the company with 2 to 3 stars.

Of course, employees’ reviews have not much to do with how the company serves its customers. However, if we think about that, how can a company deliver top-notch customer experiences if it can’t even meet the needs of its employees?

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