Five Star Call Centers

Five Star Call Centers Services

  • Voice

As was already mentioned, the company is engaged in delivering all types of customer services, including voice support. The trained agents from Five Star Call Centers can handle both inbound and outbound calls and help you deliver the best quality of service to your customers.

  • Digital

Apart from handling your customers via the phone, Five Star Call Centers can also help you create great customer experiences in the digital space. The agents from the company can take care of all your digital interactions via chat or email (from any device) and ensure that they are covered 24/7.

  • IVR

Five Star Call Centers offers businesses to leverage a high-end Interactive Voice Response system to deliver better customer experiences at any day and any time, meanwhile cutting down the cost.

  • Dedicated & Shared

Five Star Call Centers provides both dedicated and shared associate models created to ensure that every client will find the option that suits his needs and goals most.

  • Software

Apart from offering effective services, Five Star Call Centers also has a number of high-quality software solutions designed to help you empower your in-house teams with the tools they need. 

  • Consulting

Lastly, the team of Five Star Call Centers offers effective consulting services to help its clients hone their in-house teams’ skills and ensure the ongoing efficiency and productivity of the workflow.

Five Star Call Centers Pricing

The site doesn’t share with us any specific information about Five Star Call Centers pricing. According to the company’s profile on Clutch, the cost per service ranges from $25 to $49 charged hourly. However, this information is very general since the price is calculated individually for every customer, taking into account the specific needs, wishes, and objectives.

To ask questions concerning Five Star Call Centers pricing, all you need to do is to reach out to the company directly. There are two ways to do this. Firstly, you can call the company via a toll-free number, ask all your questions and get answers instantly (but only during the open hours). Alternatively, you can fill out a short contact form and wait for one of the company’s reps to contact you.

Five Star Call Centers Review

To read a Five Star Call Centers review or a few, you can first go to the Client Testimonials page on the company’s site. There are not too many testimonials on this page. Also, the company does not specify the names or companies of the clients who left each particular review. And, lastly, all reviews here look almost too good to be true. They are 100% positive, so if you are looking for a truly unbiased Five Star Call Centers review, we would recommend looking elsewhere.

For more testimonials, we looked up the company on Google. Google’s rating of Five Star Call Centers is 4.1 (on average). However, if you look up each of the company’s locations, you can find that the Five Star Call Centers office located in Wichita, KS, actually has a much lower rating of 2.7 stars. As you can get from these ratings, the company receives lots of both positive and negative reviews.

Thus, though its reputation is considered quite high, it is still far from being perfect.

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Signius Communications

Signius Communications is a US-based company that was founded in 1994 and has been delivering top-level services to businesses across multiple industries, including attorneys, small businesses, government, healthcare, utilities, property management, and others. The main goal of Signius is to provide businesses with all the tools and support they need to create positive customer experiences and ensure that their customers are taken care of 24/7. The company specializes in delivering smart services and solutions that help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Signius answering service is known for providing 24-hour coverage with bilingual support, and a number of additional features. At the same time, the company offers additional services such as appointment management, call center services, and even technology solutions.

Global Response

Global Response is the industry leader with a long history. Founded in 1974, the company has been delivering top-quality call center outsourcing services to help businesses ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Global Response is a fully US-based company. Currently, there are 4 Global Response call center facilities located in Florida (Margate), Michigan (Iron River and Gwinn), and Wisconsin (La Crosse). The company delivers its services to businesses of different sizes, which operate in a variety of industries. Namely, Global Response has competencies in such fields as retail, automotive, technology, education, healthcare, and luxury. Throughout over 45 years on the market, Global Response has helped hundreds of businesses to start interacting with their customers in a simpler and more efficient way. Some of the company’s key clients are National Geographic, Lacoste, Urban Outfitters, Toyota, Escada, The Met, and many others.

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