Genpact Services

  • Core Business Services

The first group of solutions offered by the team of Genpact is Core Business Services. This group encompasses a wide range of services that all have a shared goal - to make business transformation real and available to everyone. The solutions integrated into this group of services offer include commercial lending and leasing, wealth management, property & casualty claims management, Cora customer support, onboarding and activation, business 2 business sales and commercial, property and casualty underwriting, and trade promotions management, and much more.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain

Another type of service offered at Genpact is designed to embrace digital transformation for the company’s customers. By delivering effective procurement and supply chain solutions, the company helps businesses to drive down costs, enhance customer experience, improve the overall procurement and supply chain experience, and free up working capital. The solutions from this group include intelligent automation, augmented intelligence, industrial Internet of Things, customer experience, supply chain management, and source to pay.

  • Risk and Compliance

Genpact helps its customers reduce their business losses by strengthening their companies’ risk culture and improving regulatory compliance. To help you mitigate risks, the company offers such solutions as credit risk management, enterprise risk and regulatory services, trust and safety, financial crime risk and compliance management, and life sciences regulatory affairs.

  • Finance and Accounting

Finally, Genpact also offers its customers a range of finance and accounting solutions that include F&A consulting, accounts payable, finance-as-a-service, enterprise performance management, invoice to cash, and record to report services.

Genpact Pricing

Unfortunately for site visitors and potential customers, there is no page with Genpact pricing on the company’s website. Although it can feel overwhelming and even disappointing, the policy of non-disclosure is rather common these days, especially among companies that don’t have fixed rates.

For everyone interested in the services and solutions offered by Genpact, you will need to get in touch with the sales representatives to learn about Genpact pricing. The company only offers one contact method - via a contact form. This is rather inconvenient, especially if you want to get an instant response, but there are no alternative contact methods, so all you can do is fill out a contact form and wait until one of the company’s reps will get back to you.

Genpact Review

For some reason, there is not even one Genpact review on the website. There are many news, case studies, awards, and plenty of other information, but you will not find a testimonials page.

We always recommend users look for reviews and testimonials outside the company’s website. However, in the case of this company, it can be rather challenging. Despite almost 25 years of experience, if you look up “Genpact review” on Google, you will only find feedback from the company’s employees. But there are almost no reviews from real customers.

According to such platforms as Glassdoor and Indeed, former employees don’t rate Genpact too high. The average rating is between 3.0-3.5 stars. Although this does not tell much about what customers think of this company, it does show a low level of organization and culture within the organization itself.

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