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Unlike many of its competitors, Inktel can’t boast of a wide range of services. The company’s main focus is customer support. Trained agents from Inktel are committed to helping brands build up loyalty and enhance the customer journey by delivering top-notch customer support. The company offers its services to businesses of different scales and from a number of niches, including restaurant chains, online retailers, government organizations, and others.

The customer service support solutions by Inktel are designed to help businesses make every single customer interaction matter. The company delivers its services through all available channels, including store, voice, social, mobile, email, and chat.

By entrusting Inktel to take care of your customer interactions, you entrust trained agents to act on behalf of your business as the main point of contact between your brand and customers. This service can be used to attain a variety of goals. Namely, by delivering outstanding customer experiences, Inktel helps businesses make the right impression on existing and potential customers, enhance brand loyalty, increase market share, boost operational efficiency, and, at the same time, decrease operational cost.

Inktel Direct Pricing

Inktel Direct pricing is not disclosed on the company’s website. This is a common thing for contact center service providers since it is hard to set fixed prices for this kind of service.

To get a calculation of the price, potential customers need to request a business assessment from one of the company’s reps. To request an assessment, you should go to the contact page on the company’s site and fill out a short form. To complete the form, you will be asked to specify your first and last name, email, company name, phone number, and provide a concise explanation of your contact center needs.

According to the information collected from Clutch and other independent reviews, we can conclude that Inktel Direct pricing is not fixed. Instead, the total cost for the company’s services is calculated for each customer separately, taking into account their unique needs and objectives. However, according to external sources, the average hourly cost of Inktel services is $25 and under. 

Inktel Direct Review

There is no Inktel Direct review page on the company’s website itself. Neither are there any reviews shared on the home or about us page. Thus, if you are wondering what people think of Inktel Direct, you will need to look outside the website.

Luckily, finding a customer Inktel Direct review outside the website is not hard. If you just look up the company’s name on the Internet, you will find dozens of customer reviews on Google. The Inktel’s overall rating on Google is only 3.1 stars as there is a large number of negative reviews that overshadow positive testimonials.

Also, this company has pages on several platforms with anonymous employee reviews, such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Studying the reviews from former employees and overall ratings, we can conclude that the company not only fails to meet the needs of its clients but also can’t keep its staff satisfied.

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Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.