Intrado Services

  • Enterprise Collaboration

First of all, Intrado offers its customers to benefit from effective collaboration solutions that can help them create more focused and agile teamwork, and, thus, boost overall productivity. The Enterprise Collaboration package includes a variety of handy features, such as Hoot meetings, UCaaS, hosted voice, collaboration, and contact center.

  • Digital Media

Apart from helping your team collaborate better, Intrado can also help you leverage digital media for improved communication with customers, investors, and partners, and other operations. This group of services includes the following features: marketing solutions, internal communication solutions, investor relations solutions, appointment setting, public relations solutions, and cloud-based customer experience solutions & services.

  • Life & Safety

Intrado guarantees to help you stay safe thanks to the high-quality public safety and critical event solutions offered by the company. This group of services includes a variety of features and solutions, including emergency response communication technology for safety services, school communication system solutions via SchoolMessenger, patient engagement technology & solutions via Televox, and telecommunications services via Flowroute.

  • Health & Wellness

Finally, Intrado offers its clients to benefit from a number of health and wellness solutions designed to provide you with data-driven insights and the right technology. The Health & Wellness category includes a full range of administrative and clinical services, and also behavioral health & wellness programs designed to make people engage in their health.

Intrado Pricing

Nothing is being said about Intrado pricing on the site. In fact, all in all, the company’s website is not too informative. There is even no separate contact page to share contact details.

Therefore, in order to learn more about Intrado pricing, you need to click learn more under the needed type of service and find the button “Talk to an expert” or “Chat now” on the page with detailed information about the chosen type of service. This way, you will connect with one of the company’s reps and will be able to ask your questions.

Intrado Review

Finding at least one Intrado review from a real customer turned out to be a real challenge. First of all, there are no reviews on the company’s site itself. There are a few case studies, but no testimonials at all.

When we tried to search for an Intrado review on the web, we also didn’t find much information. Although the company has profiles on such trusted platforms with customer reviews as Trustpilot, there are no reviews as well.

All we managed to find on Intrado were some reviews from the company’s former employees posted on such sites as Indeed and Glassdoor. We have to say that quite many employees rate the company with under 3.5 stars. Thus, the company’s overall rating on such platforms is about 3.1 stars. Of course, employees’ reviews won’t tell you much about what customers think of Intrado, but a low rating does give us some idea of the company’s poor culture.

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