Kareo Services

  • Care Delivery

The first solution offered by the Kareo platform is Care Delivery. This solution is designed to help patient care providers save time and optimize their operations by integrating Kareo’s smart care delivery workflow.

  • Insurance Reimbursement

Kareo also enables its clients to identify and use their opportunities to maximize insurance reimbursements through every phase of their revenue cycles.

  • Patient Collections

Another solution you can get from Kareo is Patient Collections. It aims to help you boost patient collections rate with the help of Kareo’s integrated, intuitive platform and, at the same time, retain positive patient relationships.

  • Patient Engagement

Kareo enables you to create better patient experiences at all times. The Patient Engagement solution is designed to help caregivers improve the quality of patient care, boost patient engagement, and, thus, boost revenue.

  • For Billing Companies

Kareo also offers a number of high-end solutions created specifically for billing companies to help them gain control over their business, optimize the workflow, and get better results.

  • For Your Specialty

Even if your specialty doesn’t fall in any of Kareo’s competencies, the company still has something to offer you. It offers a wide range of resources and tools that can help you optimize your business processes and simplify the complexities of your business.

  • Specialty Updates

Kareo constantly updates and expands its platform to meet the needs of a wider range of industry verticals. Some of the latest updates created opportunities for businesses engaged in Physical Therapy and Mental Health practice.

  • Professional Services

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, Kareo also offers a number of professional services, including data, training, and implementation services.

Kareo Pricing

If you look at the top right corner of the page on the company’s website, you will find a Pricing button. Clicking this button will take you directly to the Kareo pricing page. Generally, it is a good thing that the company doesn’t keep its rates undisclosed. However, not everything is so simple. In order to view pricing, you are required to fill out a long sign-up form, specifying all your contact and some personal details.

Depending on the type of solution you are looking for, the rate will modify. Here is some basic info you should know about Kareo pricing:

  • Kareo Platform - $250/mo
  • Kareo Clinical - $160/mo
  • Kareo Billing - $160/mo
  • Kareo Engage - $160/mo

The flat prices apply only to using Kareo’s platform or its separate features. When it comes to managed billing, solutions for billing companies, and professional services, the prices are calculated individually for every client based on his needs and objectives.

Kareo Review

For some reason, we didn’t find even one Kareo review on the company’s site. In fact, we have to say that the website is too overloaded with information, so finding pretty much anything here is a challenge by default.

To get more info on what customers say about Kareo, we decided to search for an unbiased Kareo review outside the website. We found the company’s profile on Clutch, where it has a 4.0-star rating, but only one testimonial. If you want to read more reviews, they can be found on Google. Here, the company has a rating of 4.1 stars and over 80 customer reviews. The rating is not bad. However, the reviews are mixed. There are some people who are happy about discovering Kareo and there are also some customers who didn’t get what they expected from using the company’s solutions.

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Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.


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