Leadable Services

  • Prospect Analysis

The team of leadable helps businesses understand their prospects better. One of the services offered by the company is Prospect Analysis, which is designed to help you identify your Ideal Customer Profile, find your prospects’ main pain points, and understand the ways for helping them.

  • Data Research

Leadable has a professional data research team that consists of specialists with years of experience and an eye for detail. If you use the company’s Data Research service, you will get a customized list of prospects carefully tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business.

  • Custom Outreach

Finally, Leadable also offers Custom Outreach services. The experts from Leadable can create personalized outbound sales campaigns that provide the best results. With this service, you can stay rest assured that you are reaching out to the right prospects, at the right time, and with the right message. The team of Leadable will take care of outreach and appointment setting, whereas your in-house team will have an opportunity to focus on transforming business leads into actual customers and closing deals.

Leadable Pricing

We really like the fact that Leadable pricing is clear and transparent. All the information is provided on the company’s website, so every potential customer can check out the rates and decide whether Leadable suits their needs.

As seen on the Leadable pricing page, the company delivers personalized outbound campaigns at three different pricing plans tailored to the needs of differently sized businesses:

  • Starter Plan - this plan costs $3,500 per month and suits best businesses whose client lifetime values range between $20k and $100k.
  • Growth Plan - this plan costs $7,500 per month and suits best businesses whose client lifetime values range between $100k and $250k.
  • Enterprise Plan - this plan costs $12,500 per month and suits best businesses whose client lifetime values range between $250k and above.

Leadable Review

If you decide to read a few customer testimonials or a complete Leadable review, that’s where you will encounter some challenges. First of all, there are no reviews on the company’s website, which means that you will need to look for them elsewhere on the web.

However, when you start searching for a Leadable review outside the side, you also won’t find many testimonials. The only place where we managed to find at least some customer reviews (though only a few of them) is Clutch. Here, the company has a pretty high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, but only 5 testimonials. Most of the reviews provided here are positive, but not all of them. In fact, there are a few reviews that give Leadable a lower rating in terms of quality and cost.

Why Choose Belkins

Belkins is a reliable business partner that has already helped over 430 customers acquire 8,331,490 high-quality leads. Our expertise allowed us to climb the Clutch rating and become one of the top 10 companies that facilitate business growth worldwide. We are ready to dive into your industry and come up with top-notch prospects for your b2b lead generation business. Furthermore, we’ll enhance your email deliverability and maximize conversions. Additionally, we will turn you into a thought leader by applying robust LinkedIn marketing strategies. We’ll take care of every aspect of your sales to help you get the best results. 

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