Open Access BPO Services

  • Customer Experience

Customer care is one of the three core competencies of Open Access BPO. With this service, the company helps businesses provide high-quality multichannel support that helps create excellent customer experiences that keep your customers engaged. In terms of customer experience, Open Access BPO can help you deliver both customer care and tech support.

  • Content Moderation

To create even better experiences for your customers, Open Access BPO offers you to use its content moderation solutions. This service is designed to make your digital footprint flawless, ensure customer engagement, and, at the same time, protect your customers from fraud.

  • Back Office Support

Lastly, Open Access BPO is here to do all the behind-the-scenes back-office work to enable your teams to perform better in the front office. This type of service aims to streamline your day-to-day processes in order to boost overall efficiency. Some kinds of back-office support businesses can get from Open Access BPO include multilingual translation, document handling, data management, and more.

Open Access BPO Pricing

When it comes to Open Access BPO pricing, there is not much we can learn from the company’s website. There is no explanation of how the final cost is being formed and no data on the available pricing plans.

When we searched for more info on the web, we came across the Open Access BPO profile on Clutch, which stated that the approximate cost of the company’s services is around < $25/hr.

To get more precise information concerning Open Access BPO pricing, you need to reach out to the company’s sales reps via any of the available contact methods (including, email, live chat, online contact form, and phone number).

Open Access BPO Review

For some reason, we didn’t find a single customer testimonial about Open Access BPO on the company’s website. Thus, to get an idea of what clients say about this service provider, we had to seek testimonials outside the site.

As we’ve already said, our team has carefully studied the company’s profile on Clutch (as well as on other similar independent reviewing platforms. According to Clutch, the company’s rating is 5/5 stars. But don’t get impressed just yet. This rating is calculated based on a single Open Access BPO review and though it is the highest possible rating, one review is not enough to get a clear idea of the company’s trustworthiness.

Thus, we had to look for more testimonials. You can find dozens of them on Google. Here, due to a large number of reviews, the Open Access BPO rating is a bit lower - 4.1 stars. There are quite many testimonials that claim Open Access BPO to be a reliable provider of high-quality services. But, it is also possible to find more than one Open Access BPO review that gives the company a rather negative overview.

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