Qualfon Services

  • Contact Center

Qualfon has call center facilities distributed across 10 states. Apart from this, the company also has centers in 5 nearshore and offshore countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Guyana, India, and the Philippines. Qualfon’s contact center service helps businesses handle customer care, inside sales, customer care, tech support, and help desk tasks. This service was designed to help businesses interact with their customer more effectively, and, thus, drive more sales.

  • Digital and Direct Marketing

Apart from being the main contact point between you and your customers, Qualfon can also help you make the most of your marketing efforts. The company helps its customers to create and implement personalized marking strategies to reach the right people with the right message through a variety of channels, including email, SMS, social media, display ads, and video.

  • Print

One more service available at Qualfon encompasses almost all types of print solutions. The company can help you handle variable digital print, creative design, print-on-demand, lettershop & finishing, and other matters.

  • Fulfillment

The company offers its customers a range of fulfillment services, including inventory management, sampling & kitting, eCommerce, as well as digital print & finishing.

  • Data and Analytics

Qualfon helps its customers make more-informed business decisions by delivering valuable insights and helping them optimize their data procedures. Some of the Data and Analytics services available here are customer segmentation, campaign optimization, data mining, and much more.

  • Mail

If you are looking for professional mail services, Qualfon has a lot to offer you. The experts from this company can provide you with smart solutions in such b2b email marketing fields as mail management, personalized match mailing, direct mail, print-on-demand, and finishing operations.

  • Back Office

Finally, Qualfon also offers a number of back-office solutions that help businesses streamline their operations and ensure better performance. Some of the available services are exception handling, email management, multichannel response handling, data entry, claims management, and others.

Qualfon Pricing

On the website, there is no Qualfon pricing page. The company doesn’t mention even the approximate price range.

There is also no information concerning Qualfon pricing on other resources. Thus, the only way to get more information is to request a quote from the company directly.

Qualfon Review

If you are wondering what customers say about Qualfon, we’ve got some bad news for you. You will find customer reviews neither on the company’s website nor on social media or other resources.

Why it is impossible to find even one Qualfon review on the web? There is quite a lot of information about the company. Also, there are pages dedicated to Qualfon on such reviewing platforms as Clutch, but none of them contain customer reviews. The reasons behind this are not clear.

Although there are no customer testimonials, it is possible to find a Qualfon review left by former employees. If you check the company’s page on Indeed or Glassdoor, you will see that the company’s overall rating is only 3.0 stars. Many employees are not satisfied with their work at Qualfon, and some even say that the company lets down its clients as well.

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