SupportSave Services

  • Inbound Support

Trained agents from SupportSave can provide you with a full range of unbound support services. They can handle each of your inbound calls and ensure an outstanding experience for every customer. Inbound support services include line number porting, call answering, customer service, direct-response telesales, customer retention, refund/claim processing, billing/invoicing support, and email & chat support.

  • Outbound Support

In addition to handling inbound interactions, the team of SupportSave can also help your business grow by delivering top-quality outbound support. This type of service includes a range of solutions designed to help you reach out to the right people and drive more sales. The outbound support includes such services as lead generation, survey and market research, 3rd party verification, appointment setting, collection and recovery, cross-selling and up-selling, and fundraising.

  • Back Office Support

SupportSave offers a number of customized back-office solutions created to help businesses attain their short-term and long-term goals and, at the same time, optimize their day-to-day operations and save their teams time. This includes such services as line number porting, order fulfillment, refunds/claims processing, voicemail transcription, billing/invoicing support, order tracking, and accounts payable / accounts receivable.

  • Tech Support

With the help of SupportSave, businesses can obtain customized outsourcing solutions that will take their tech support to the next level and ensure an impeccable customer experience. This group of services includes the following features: network support, helpdesk solutions, smart devices, remote monitoring, PC peripheral support, OS support, desktop, and laptop support, and application support.

  • Virtual Assistant

The last type of service offered at SupportSave is virtual assistance. This solution was designed specifically for startups and small business owners to help them manage daily tasks easily but without hiring a full-time assistant. The company’s virtual assistants can help you with domestic services, customer care, transcription services, online research & data entry, content writing, accounts receivable, website assistance, documentation assistance, social media management, email/chat support, internet marketing support, flight/hotel reservation, appointment scheduling, and event management.

SupportSave Pricing

SupportSave pricing is not publicly visible on the company’s website. According to Clutch, the cost per agent per hour is somewhere below $25. However, the cost is most likely calculated individually for every client.

To get an offer from the company and ask your questions about SupportSave pricing, you will need to communicate with one of their sales representatives. You can do this by submitting an online contact form, which can be found at the bottom of the home page on their website. As for alternative contact methods, you can also use the company’s direct phone number or email address.

SupportSave Review

If you are looking for a SupportSave review, you won’t find a single one on the company’s website. This is rather odd, given that most companies are willing to share positive customer testimonials to keep up a solid online reputation.

Although the company can be found on a variety of independent reviewing platforms, there is not even one SupportSave review there. Thus, if you look for testimonials outside the website, you will only find some feedback from the company employees and some general overviews on reviewing platforms, but with no testimonials.

After many hours of thorough research, we managed to find a few reviews on SupportSave. Some of them share a positive customer experience from working with the company, but others claim that SupportSave failed to meet their expectations.

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