Sykes Enterprises Services

  • Outsourcing

Delivering effective outsourcing solutions is the core focus of Sykes Enterprises. The company helps its customers find the right experts to ensure higher scalability, flexibility, and adaptability of their business by streamlining core operations. Some of the spheres that Sykes Enterprises helps you outsource are training, talent acquisition, coaching & engagement, transaction handling, technology platforms, delivery models, work at home, and risk management.

  • Customer Experience

One more solution offered at Sykes Enterprises is customer experience. The company delivers holistic services that can help you create better experiences for your customers and, thus, ensure higher levels of customer engagement and loyalty. This group of services includes such solutions as CX analytics, chat support, intelligent CX innovations, self-service, multi-channel solutions, and social media care.

  • Service to Sales

Sykes Enterprises helps businesses build customer loyalty by delivering outstanding customer experiences that stimulate profitability and growth. With every interaction, trained agents from Sykes Enterprises help you strengthen your relationships with customers and ensure their satisfaction. The company’s Service to Sales offer encompasses such services as customer acquisition, customer selection, customer retention, and sales through service.

  • Digital Transformation

One more competency of Sykes Enterprises is digital transformation. The company’s experts help B2B USA businesses reduce operating costs, supercharge workforce, and deliver better CX to drive growth.

  • Brand Extension

Finally, Sykes Enterprises empowers businesses with a number of solutions and tools that drive brand extension. This type of service offers you such solutions as digital marketing & sales, social media care, customer growth, and assistance services group.

Sykes Enterprises Pricing

On the company’s site, you will not find any specific details concerning Sykes Enterprises pricing. There is no pricing page or even an approximate price range to give you a better idea of how much the company’s services cost.

The only information we managed to find regarding Sykes Enterprises pricing is that the average hourly rate is < $25. This info is provided on the company’s page on Clutch. However, to get more details it is necessary to connect with sales reps from Sykes Enterprises directly.

Sykes Enterprises Review

On the company’s website itself, you can find quite a few case studies but not a single Sykes Enterprises review.

If you are interested in reading a Sykes Enterprises review outside the company’s website, you will find lots of employee reviews, but not too many customer testimonials. When using the search request “Sykes Enterprises reviews” in Google, you will mostly find the reviews on such platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor where former and current employees of the company share their experiences from working in the company. Closer to the bottom of the first results page you will also find a link to the company’s profile on Sitejabber. Here, Sykes Enterprises has only 2.6 stars based on 5 reviews, which are not very positive.

To find more testimonials we used the company’s name + office location as a search request. This simple trick helped us discover thousands of customer reviews shared on Google. The average rating of Sykes Enterprises on Google is 3.0 stars. Although there are some positive reviews, quite many of them are negative or neutral.

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