Teleperformance Services Review

Today, professional and flexible B2C and B2B lead generation services, supported by powerful digital technologies, ensure long-term success for companies of any type and scale.

For over 40 years, Teleperformance, the global leader in customer experience management, has been helping to build strong relationships between customers and blossoming companies.

In our Teleperformance review, we will cover the following:

  • find outwhat is Teleperformance;
  • take a closer look at Teleperformance integrations, features, and services;
  • find out more about the Teleperformance pricing;
  • discover if there is a Teleperformance affiliate program;
  • check out the Teleperformance address, phone number, and other company details.


About Teleperformance: Review & Essentials

Teleperformance is the world’s leader in designing solutions and creating strategies for optimizing businesses, front-office client services, and back-office services such as finance, accounting, collections, and customer care support.

The unique thing about Teleperformance is that the company manages to deliver smart integratedcustomer experiences with a high-touch approach enriched with empathy and understanding. The organization has impressive expertise in creating successful and meaningful interactions acrossvarious industries and regions and offers cutting-edge digital integrated business servicesto deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The company’s one-office support services concept combines several extensive, highly valued areas of concentration:

  • Digital CX and AI;
  • CX Management;
  • Analytics and Consulting.

Generally speaking, these end-to-end solutions provide seamless customer interaction and flawless business processes based on a one-of-a-kind, inclusive high-tech approach. Find out more in the video overview:

Teleperformance video

The Teleperformance service enables customers to efficiently perform the following tasks:

  1. accelerating business results;
  2. delivering the right integrated customer experience that your customers expect;
  3. offering Trust & Safety services across the whole organization’s digital presence;
  4. providing more effective support through the use of comprehensive high-tech solutions;
  5. providing the most efficient, consistent, and seamless support throughout the entire customer's life cycle;
  6. creating B2B sales leads database;
  7. managing and optimizing the activities of remote employees;
  8. providing multilingual hubs that help integrate the most cost-effective framework for delivering high-quality services in a customer's native language;
  9. turning customer interaction data into actionable insights that help boost their sales;
  10. having a significant impact on your customer acquisition, improving customer retention and lifetime value by using the advanced sales tools;
  11. using a more innovative approach to business transformation, etc.

The organization operates in 170 countries worldwide; you can find Teleperformance locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the US.

Teleperformance company will suit the largest international retailers, FMCG and technology companies, or any organizations that need a flexible and reliable business partner in the digital world.

Teleperformance work from home service

This option deserves special mention: it was designed to create opportunities for everyone to join the highly collaborative, extremely engaged, high-performing teams from anywhere they live in a most comfortable working environment, eliminating commute time, cutting costs, and reducing stress.

To apply to a particular position, you should follow three simple steps:

  1. fill out the application form;
  2. pass the Teleperformance assessment test;
  3. undergo the final interview.

Teleperformance Pricing

You won’t find pricing on the company’s official website (Teleperformance com) since they don’t indicate them. However, you can request a price from the company's support using any convenient communication channel (below, you will find the Teleperformance support team contacts).

You can ask them about the Teleperformance lifetime deal offers and find out Teleperformance costs for more specific offers.

Main Teleperformance Features

Check out the list of all Teleperformance services available.

Teleperformance services

Digital Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence

  • Digital customer experience;
  • Trust and safety;
  • Artificial intelligence operations;
  • Video customer experience;
  • Metaverse.

Customer Experience Management

  • Back-office processing;
  • Finance and accounting;
  • Smartshoring;
  • Work-at-home;
  • Cloud campus store;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Integrated sales (Teleperformance sales solutions).

Analytics and Consulting

  • Advanced analytics;
  • Business process optimization;
  • Business transformation.

Specialized Services

  • Collections Services;
  • Translation and localization;
  • Visa and consular services.

Top Executive

Daniel Julien

Main services
  • Digital CX
  • AI operations
  • CX Management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Multilingual support
  • Integrated Sales
  • Analytics and Consulting
  • Business process optimization
Customers Served
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Teleperformance Company Details

Company’s headquarters: 21/25 rue Balzac, - 75 008, Paris, France

Year Founded: 1978

Teleperformance Support Details

The company offers the following types of support:

  • live chat (right on the website);
  • phone support: 800-664-9335;
  • email:

Teleperformance Pros and Cons

Like any company, Teleperformance has its advantages and disadvantages, and now we will list them.



  • the undeniable leader in outsourced customer & citizen experience management and related services with more than 40 years of successful market experience, reflected in the company's most significant achievements;
  • stable growth and profitability granted for customers;
  • advanced solutions for client companies operating in 13 different fields;
  • Teleperformance, a company of 420,000 employees, was recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute as one of 25 of the Best Companies to work for. Check out the complete list of the company's awards on their website;
  • modern and convenient mobile Teleperformance application available for iOS and Android.
  • some Teleperformance reviews indicate low wages and high job requirements, as well as extreme micromanagement, which can be stressful for employees;
  • lack of information on prices for products and services on the official website;
  • no affiliate program for customers;
  • a great number of employees working in the company can make new members feel uncomfortable;
  • poor pension contribution.

Teleperformance alternatives

Check out today’s best Teleperformance alternative and choose the one that suits you most:

  • CloudTask;
  • Helpware;
  • G2 Deals;
  • Peak Support;
  • SureCall Experts;
  • LiveOps;
  • Bandalier;
  • WOW24-7;
  • Simplr;
  • Central HubSpot.

Affiliate program by Teleperformance

Teleperformance company does not offer any typical affiliate program for clients. However, on one of the Jobs pages,you can find a fascinating referral program for company employees. If you can refer a friend who is a fluent speaker of any language, follow these three steps:

  • join the program (register with the CCMS id);
  • refer (upload friend's CV);
  • if the referral gets hired, the employee receives a generous bonus!

You will receive your first referral fee after 30 days, the second after 181 days, and the third after 366 days after your friend's employment.

If you have any questions regarding the referral program, feel free to contact Teleperformance customer service.

Teleperformance Conclusions

Teleperformance is a strong player in the customer experience management market with vast experience, a modern technological base, and a high-touch approach. The organization offers several categories of customer services at once, opening up new prospects for them in the contemporary digital world.

We sincerely hope that this Teleperformance review gave you comprehensive answers to all your questions regarding this company.


  • What are Teleperformance events?

These are digital events hosted by the company, where global business leaders and professionals share their practical experience and keynotes, helping everyone get new ideas and fresh concepts to accelerate business growth.

  • What medical benefits does Teleperformance offer?

The company offers health, dental, vision, and life insurance. If you work from home, Medical/Vision starts 90 days, and Dental starts 6 months after your employment.

  • Does Teleperformance offer a wellness program?

Yes, the organization provides health and wellness promotion programs to help its employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • What is the most stressful part about working in the company?

Employees cite a huge number of calls and excessive micromanagement.

  • What is the average number of hours you work a day in the company?

8 paid hours with two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch.

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