Triniter BPO Services

  • Customer Support

Triniter BPO offers businesses to help them build their dedicated outsourced customer support teams that will deliver top-notch customer service 24/7 ensuring that each of your customers remains satisfied. The company will help you hire the right talents, handle the onboarding stage, and streamline your customer support. Some additional features offered by Triniter BPO as a part of customer support service are multilingual and technical support.

  • Back Office Support Teams

Apart from customer support teams, Triniter BPO can also help you shape a professional back office support team that will undertake some of your daily operations, letting your in-house team have more time for other tasks and ensuring success. Some of the tasks that you will be able to delegate to your back office support specialists include data entry, web research, order processing, account setup, data management, annotation, content moderation, multilingual translation, transcription, and image editing.

  • Automation and AI Solutions

Finally, the company also offers businesses several high-end automation and AI-powered solutions that can help you optimize their daily processes even more and help achieve their long-term and short-term goals faster and easier. The available solutions include chatbots, image and language recognition, data processing, price prediction, as well as data visualization, and anomaly detection.

Triniter BPO Pricing

Unlike many of its competitors, who keep their rates hidden, this company is much more open. Triniter BPO pricing is clear and transparent, and all the information concerning it is publicly available on the company’s website.

On the website, there is a separate page dedicated to Triniter BPO pricing. According to the information provided here, the company has a flat rate that applies to all of its services. Regardless of whether you want to hire a customer support team, a multilingual support team, a technical support team, a back-office team, or a customer success team, for any of these categories you will have to pay a flat price of $1049 a month per person.

To get more details and an estimated total price that matches your unique needs and requirements, you can contact the company’s representatives and get a free consultation.

Triniter BPO Review

On every page on the company’s website, you can find a Triniter BPO review block with several video testimonials. This is a quite unusual format of testimonials, but it’s a good way to learn more about the company from what customers say about it.

Of course, every Triniter BPO review posted on the site is from a satisfied customer. Thus, to get more info, we decided to look for more testimonials on the web. We found the company’s profile on Clutch, where it has a total rating of 4.8 stars and over 20 reviews from real customers. All in all, most testimonials are positive and highlight the high level of professionalism and organization of Triniter BPO. However, negative reviews are also there. On Clutch and a few other resources, some people are not quite satisfied with the services they got from this company.

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