Ubiquity Global Services Services

  • Customer Experience

Helping B2B USA businesses deliver top-level customer experience is the main competency of Ubiquity Global Services. The company offers businesses to outsource expert agents who can deliver such multichannel CX services as sales, customer care, tech support, outbound services, and loans & collection services.

  • Business Transformation

One more solution offered at Ubiquity Global Services is the business transformation that can help you improve efficiency and overall performance to drive better results in the long run. In terms of business transformation, you can get the following services: customer journey mapping, process audit and optimization, channel strategy and optimization, learning and development, and CX digital transformation.

  • Back Office

Ubiquity Global Services can help your teams perform better in the front office by delivering efficient back-office support. The company helps businesses connect with the right talents who can handle data annotation, competitive and pricing assessments, customer analytics, customer research, return mail and correspondence, quality assurance auditing, and other tasks for you.

  • Banking Operations

Ubiquity Global Services can help you streamline all banking operations, at the same time, ensuring regulatory compliance and helping to fight fraud. Some of the services in this sector include disputes and chargebacks handling, fraud mitigation and investigation, corporate client/merchant due diligence, negative balance management, verification services, and more.

  • Healthcare solutions

The company also offers a number of services and solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry. This includes contact center, commercial and administrative, managed care payer, and provider services.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With Ubiquity Global Services, businesses can perfect their talent-acquisition strategies by outsourcing recruitment processes to the right specialists. The services available in this category include strategic talent acquisition consultation, digital recruiting and social media strategy, B2B email marketing, talent sourcing and engagement, program performance tracking and reporting, candidate screening and assessment, and offer management.

  • Technology

Ubiquity Global Services helps businesses adopt the right technology that can ensure their success. Currently, the technology offered at Ubiquity includes Interactive Voice Response solution, Aigent (and AI-powered agents), and inTouch (an app for handling issues, coaching customer service teams, supporting agents, and monitoring their performance).

  • Work-From-Home

Finally, Ubiquity Global Services helps you create a modern cloud-based workspace to ensure excellent performance and business continuity even when your team works from home.

Ubiquity Global Services Pricing

As it always happens with such companies, Ubiquity Global Services pricing is undisclosed on the company’s website. According to the Ubiquity profile on Clutch, the average cost of the company’s services (per hour) ranges from $150 to $199. This is a rather high price. However, to get more specific information, you will need to connect with the company’s representatives.

There is an email address, direct phone line, and a contact form that you can use to reach out to the company’s staff and ask questions about Ubiquity Global Services pricing, services, and other nuances.

Ubiquity Global Services Review

When looking for a Ubiquity Global Services review to learn what customers say about the company, you can start from Ubiquity’s website first. In one of the Who We Are sections (Clients and Industries), there are a number of testimonials. Each of which is absolutely positive.

It is hard to find reviews outside the website if your search request is something like simply “Ubiquity Global Services review.” However, if you look up the company’s name + the name of the specific office location (there are quite a few of them, you can choose whichever suits you), you will find plenty of testimonials and ratings on Google. The company’s average rating is around 3.0 stars out of 5. It could seem like a not too bad result if it wasn’t for some Ubiquity offices that only get 1.0 stars. There are many different reviews. But, while some are fairly positive, there are also lots of negative reviews as well.

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