WNS Global Services Services

  • Functional Solutions

The main competency of WNS Global Services is the delivery of all sorts of business process management services. Among the company’s functional solutions, you can get such services as customer experience, finance & accounting, analytics, research, governance, risk & compliance, legal services, human resources, and procurement.

  • Value Multipliers

Apart from a wide range of functional solutions, WNS Global Services also offers a range of additional services such as consulting, analytics incubation center, big data analytics, and data sciences group.

  • Transformation & Frameworks

WNS Global Services helps businesses take their performances to the next level with the help of effective transformation & framework solutions, which include WNS Transitions, value innovation program, process maturity model, and others.

  • Technology

Finally, the company offers its customers a number of technological solutions such as Travel TRAC, Security TRAC, WNS Trac, Insurance TRAC, Travel TRAC, CPO TRAC, CFO TRAC, Blockchain, and RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC.

WNS Global Services Pricing

The WNS Global Services pricing policy is undisclosed. On the website, there is quite a lot of information about the offered services, as well as lots of additional information, but, when it comes to prices, there is no specific information on it.

Since the cost is not being disclosed, we can assume that the only way to get an overview of WNS Global Services pricing is to reach out to the company’s sales reps. For this, there is a short contact form in the Contact Us section of the website.

WNS Global Services Review

If you want to check out a WNS Global Services review or a couple of them, you can first go to the Client Stories page on the company’s website. On this page, there are dozens of testimonials from the company’s customers.

Depending on the location of the delivery center, the overall rating of WNS in Google will change. There is a different number of reviews for each location and the nature of the reviews is different as well. For example, the WNS in Mumbai has a rating of 5.0 stars out of 5 (though the rating is based on only one WNS Global Services review), whereas offices in other locations get from 2.0 to 3.5 stars.

All in all, the reviews are very mixed. There are quite many customers who remained satisfied and are willing to refer this company. But, there are also many highly dissatisfied clients who didn’t like working with WNS.

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