Wow24-7 Services

  • Frontline Support

First and foremost, Wow24-7 provides businesses with all the needed frontline support to help you deliver outstanding customer experiences 24/7. The team of Wow24-7 knows how to handle your interactions right and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The company’s frontline services include feedback calls, inbound calls, dedicated agents, e-mails (helpdesk), chat support, and customer up-selling.

  • Business Processes Outsourcing

Wow24-7 enables businesses to outsource their daily processes to experts. The company connects its clients with the best industry pros that can help them handle such matters as telemarketing, photo retouching, e-commerce tagging, digital transcription, B2B calling, data research, and lead generation.

  • Back Office Support

The team of Wow24-7 finds its mission in helping businesses streamline their operations and ensure that people in the front office perform at the top of their abilities. For this, the company offers a range of back-office support options, which include such services as content moderation, call center, virtual assistant, knowledge base, and data entry.

Wow24-7 Pricing

Unlike many other companies that provide similar services, Wow24-7 does not hide its rates. On the company’s website, there is a dedicated Wow24-7 pricing page that will explain to you how the company’s rates are being formed

The company offers a number of bundles for different business scales and needs. You can check the available options on the company’s site and request a quote from the Wow24-7 team if you find something that suits your needs.

Also, on the website, you will find a convenient Wow24-7 pricing calculator that will help you get an estimation of price based on the specific service settings you choose. This calculator is a fast and easy way to define whether the company’s pricing is within your budget.

Also, it is worth noting that Wow24-7 delivers a number of free features such as 1-month free setup and onboarding time, monthly reporting, 1 US/Canada toll-free number, and more.

Wow24-7 Review

If you want to read a Wow24-7 review from a real customer, you can get started by checking out the Testimonials page and case studies posted on the company’s website. There is quite a lot of information, so it can be a good starting point.

However, don’t take everything you find on the company’s website for granted. If you are wondering where to search for an unbiased Wow24-7 review, we recommend going beyond the company’s website. The best places to find honest, unedited customer testimonials are unbiased reviewing platforms such as Trustpilot or Clutch.

Wow24-7 has a company profile on Clutch. There you will find 13 reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 stars. As you can get from the high rating, most of these customer reviews are positive or almost positive. However, if you look further, you will find that not all reviews about this company are like that. In Google, for example, Wow24-7 has a lower rating - 4.0 stars and there are also some negative reviews.

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