About Brandpoint

Brandpoint is an industry-leading American agency that was founded in 1996 and has been delivering full-range marketing services since then. The agency’s team can boast of a rather broad area of expertise. It delivers professional help to companies of different sizes that operate in the industries of financial services, technology, human resources, agencies and public relations, professional services, healthcare and pharma, and manufacturing. Besides, Brandpoint services span a wide range of marketing areas from strategy building to distribution.

Brandpoint Services

  • Strategy

The first category of services delivered by Brandpoint is focused on helping businesses tweak their existing strategies or create new ones from scratch in order to acquire more customers and drive more sales. Namely, the agency’s team can help you with employer branding, audience analysis, SEO strategy, website design and development, marketing automation strategy, and social media strategy.

  • Creation

Apart from helping businesses shape their strategies, the team of Brandpoint also specializes in the creation of all types of content that drives real results. Namely, the agency’s pros can assist you with such tasks as video production, blog and website content, infographic creation, eBooks & whitepapers, graphic design, and email marketing.

  • Distribution

Finally, one more thing you need to know about Brandpoint is that it can not only help you develop an excellent marketing strategy and create the right content for it, but also distribute it. The agency is experienced in MAT release, premium MAT release, fixed-cost lead generation, native advertising, sales-ready lead program, and expert series.

Brandpoint Pricing

Brandpoint pricing is undisclosed. No matter whether you are looking for more information about the company’s rates right on Brandpoint’s site or beyond it, you will not find any specific information concerning how much you will have to pay for the requested services.

Probably the biggest reason why Brandpoint pricing remains secret is that the agency provides a wide range of solutions and tailors each to the specific situation, needs, and expectations of a client. Therefore, this makes it impossible to calculate a general, one-fits-all price range that would satisfy every client’s expectations.

In any case, the agency enables you to get a clearer explanation of its rate through a personal consultation. To request a quote, you need to find a special form located on the Contact Us page and fill it out with your business’s details. Or, alternatively, you can use an email address or a direct phone number, which are also specified on the company’s site.

Brandpoint Review

On the home page of the Brandpoint site, you can find a list of the agency’s most notable clients and read a Brandpoint review left by some of them. Also, there is a number of case studies that will help you discover the work process the agency uses and define how its solutions can really help your business.

Although it is possible to read a Brandpoint review on the company’s site, there is no guarantee that the testimonials posted there are really worth trusting. After all, no companies want to share negative reviews.

That’s why, it is always a good idea to look for more testimonials on unbiased platforms such as Clutch, where the agency’s overall rating is 4.5. Of course, this is not a very bad rating and, in fact, there are quite many positive reviews about this agency. Nevertheless, among positive testimonials, it is also possible to distinguish many neutral and even some negative reviews, which makes us believe that the company’s reputation isn’t very certain, even despite its long history on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Can you guarantee the number of appointments you set?

Being an acquisition partner and providing guarantees is one of our competitive advantages. Before you sign up, we will tell you how many appointments we can schedule per month in your industry and calculate the estimated cost per appointment.

What happens if you don’t fulfill the commitment?

Our average conversion from a Lead to an Appointment is at 1-2%, based on 5,000 different campaigns for 20 industries and 250 clients. We know that 500 leads translates into 5-10 appointments booked. If we don’t hit the target over the course of 4 weeks, we work at no cost for you, generating more leads, starting more conversations with prospects until we get the job done.

What’s the average appointment acquisition cost?

Typically, our clients report it to be from $200 to $400. However, this number can be lower or higher, depending on your target audience and the value proposition. You can talk to one of our experts and receive a quote tailored specifically to your business.

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