Colagrossi Media Services

  • Email Channel Management

The first and primary service offered by Colagrossi Media is all-around management for your business’s B2B email marketing channel. By requesting this service, you will get a dedicated team of professionals, who will take care of email creative, strategic management, consulting, and other related tasks, saving the time of your in-house team and, at the same time, helping you get the best results of your email marketing activities.

  • Analysis, Maintenance & Strategy

For clients who don’t need full-service management, the team of Colagrossi Media can provide customized analytics reports tailored to your business’s vore metrics and KPIs. This service is created to help B2B USA businesses gain valuable insights on their email marketing campaigns, handle the basic maintenance tasks with ease, and, most importantly, develop a thorough, data-driven strategy that will align with your business goals and ensure growth.

  • Automation and Segmentation

Another type of service provided by Colagrossi Media is email marketing automation and segmentation. This service is there to help the agency’s clients streamline their marketing efforts and ensure that their campaigns are running like clockwork. In the framework of this service, the experts from Colagrossi Media will develop customer personas that align with your brand and automate messaging. As a result, you will get effective, automated campaigns that reach the right customers.

  • Audit and Optimization

Finally, Colagrossi Media can help you boost the efficiency of your B2B email lead generation campaigns by ensuring the highest open rates and eliminating any deliverability issues that might be there. The agency’s team will carefully audit your email channel and suggest effective tips for improving its work. Also, Colagrossi Media will employ A/B and multivariate testing to find the best ways for you to reach your customers and convert them.

Colagrossi Media Pricing

Though it is not very surprising, since many email marketing agencies (and practically any B2B lead generation agency) do the same, it can be pretty overwhelming when you fail to find even a bit of info concerning Colagrossi Media pricing. But, unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s going to happen because there is no information about the agency’s prices on the website.

But, don’t get disappointed just yet. To request any additional information on Colagrossi Media pricing, services, or the process of work, you have to schedule a consultation with someone from the agency’s team. You can do this by simply filling a short contact form on the company’s website.

Colagrossi Media Review

For some reason, there is not a single Colagrossi Media review on the company’s site itself. This might be due to the lack of experience in the market or other reasons. But, in any case, if you want to learn what customers say about this agency, you will have to look for testimonials somewhere else.

Despite the very young age of the agency, it can look pretty impressive when you find a Colagrossi Media review on Clutch with a 5.0-star (the highest) rating. But, once you take a closer look, you will see that such a high assessment is based on only 3 customer reviews. Therefore, we can’t really call this assessment objective.

Moreover, when you look for more testimonials, you will find that the agency’s reputation isn’t quite as flawless as the team of Colagrossi Media claims. There are some extremely positive and grateful reviews. But, at the same time, there are many clients who have a neutral or negative opinion about this company.

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