Column Five Services

  • Brand Strategy

The first type of service available to B2B businesses at Column Five is custom Brand Strategy building. This service is created to help you build a solid brand that will let prospects know who you are and communicate your benefits in a meaningful way. The features included in this service are brand guidelines, brand heart, brand messaging, visual identity, and employer brand.

  • Content Strategy

Apart from positioning your brand, Column Five can help your business grow and thrive with the help of a compelling content strategy developed with your brand’s identity, needs, and objectives in mind. This type of service is there to help you ensure that your business is reaching the right people with the right stories and it includes such features as research and insights, personas, creative recommendations, content roadmap, campaign planning, customer journey map, keyword strategy, and much more.

  • Content Creation

After helping your team to identify your customer personas and build a winning content plan, Column Five can also help you create the right content to go in line with your strategy. This group of services encompasses such features as annual reports, motion graphics, presentation design, data visualization, copywriting, eBooks, social media content, reports, video content, white papers, infographics, web design and development, and more.

  • Distribution Strategy

Finally, the team of Column Five can also assist your business with distributing your stories across various networks. The company’s experts will help you build a compelling distribution strategy that will help your brand reach the right audience and win its trust. The services included are media planning, paid social, campaign management, audience targeting, earned outreach and reporting.

Column Five Pricing

Although the company claims to be very transparent with its clients, finding at least some information concerning Column Five pricing is a real challenge. There is no information provided on the website, except for some general phrases and promises to deliver excellent services at an affordable rate.

The only detail we managed to find during our research, is that the Column Five pricing policy implies an average hourly rate ranging from $150 to $199. However, everyone looking for a more specific price calculation can get it by contacting the agency’s representatives directly.

Column Five Review

Although the list of customers that have already used the services offered by this agency is rather impressive, there is not a single Column Five review that you can find and read on the company’s site. Instead of testimonials, the agency shares case studies. Reading a couple of them can also be helpful. But, if you still want to study the customers’ feedback about Column Five, you will have to look for it elsewhere.

If you are interested in an objective and unbiased assessment, take your time to check out the Column Five review on Clutch. Here, the agency’s overall rating is 4.9 stars out of five and there are 10+ testimonials from real customers.

Despite such a high rating that you can see on Clutch, the testimonials that can be found on other trusted platforms and social networks are not always that positive. In fact, there are also quite many negative opinions about Column Five. So, we can conclude that the company’s real reputation is okay, but definitely not flawless.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.